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Youth Development
and Agricultural Education


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Qi Ding

Graduate Student Profile
Qi Ding is a pre-doctor student who developed her passion for psychological aspect of education in China. She graduated from China Agricultural University with a master degree. For her research interests, she is particularly interested in vocational psychology, and career development of youth as well as exploring the psychological perspective of education. For her assistantship, she works on the educational outreach project —research on the vocational behaviors of STEM students, which uses social cognitive theory and Holland` s vocational psychology theory as theoretical framework, students who has agriculture-related majors as target group, to scaffold the development of science knowledge.

BA, Jiangxi University of finance and economics, business English and accounting
MA China Agricultural University, cultural psychology

Professional Activities
China Dialectics of Nature Conference
Life Sciences Education Signature Area (LSESA)

Research Interests
Vocational psychology and career development
Psychological perspective of Agricultural Educators
Psychological Assessment

Committee Members
Levon Esters, Advisor
Committee TBA

Funding Source
ROSS fellowship of Purdue University