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July 16
Qualtrics Tips & Tricks

​The second and third presenters were very helpful. The first one, not so much. But it was definitely worth my time as I learned a few things about Qualtrics that I will use in the future

May 22
Project Management



May 19
InFoPath Training

InfoPath is a form creator that allows you to create stand alone forms or to integrate them with SharePoint. Just after attending the day long workshop I thought it would be very useful. But now I'm not sure of the benefit over Qualtrics for my purposes. The workshop was long but very informative.

June 25
SharePoint Training

​Some very useful stuff. Some of it went way over my head. Probably would be better if there were beginners, immediate and advanced classes.

June 25
Talent Acquisition at Purdue: Selecting the Right Candidate

This was a very good workshop. I learned a lot about Taleo and the search process.

May 16
Workplace Violence and Active Shooter

We invited Lt. Red Elk from the police department to speak to folks in our building about what to do prevent and in the event of workplace violence and active shooters. Both presentations were great!

May 16
Fundamentals of Leadership

The FoL video was really helpful. As a new supervisor, I found lots of information in there to help me in my new duties; especially the section on working with difficult employees.

May 16
Nuts and Bolts of Faculty Search and Screen

​I learned much in this workshop that will help me manage faculty/administrative searches. Anyone involved in faculty searches should attend this workshop!

May 16
CAAMP Mentoring Program

​I've been a mentor for two years and have really enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the university through this program. This also provided a great opportunity for me to network with staff from around the university during our monthly mentor meetings. 


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