Spring Fest 2017 Activities​


Site Number

  1. Information Tent​
  2. College of Agriculture
  3. Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 
  4. Boiler Barnyard - Department of Animal Sciences
  5. Bug Bowl: Petting Zoo, Roach Races, Insect Art, Honey Tasting, Insects from Around the World
  6. Departments of Agronomy, Botany and Plant Pathology
  7. Department of Biological Sciences
  8. Integrative Neuroscience Center
  9. Department of Biochemistry
  10. IU School of Medicine - West Lafayette
  11. College of Health and Human Sciences
  12. Department of Agriculture Economics
  13. Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
  14. Department of Food Science
  15. Horticulture Show - Horticulture Society
  16. College of Veterinary Medicine
  17. Steamroller Printing
  18. Bug Bowl: Cricket Spitting - Entomology
  19. Muslim Student Association
  20. Purdue Falun Dafa Student Association
  21. Purdue Student Health Advocates
  22. Bug Bowl: "Insect games and insects as food"​
  23. College of Science (Saturday); PULSe: Science in Schools (Sunday)
  24. Graduate Muslim Network
  25. College of Education (Saturday); Pagan Academic Network (Sunday)
  26. Honors College
  27. College of Liberal Arts​
  28. Krannert School of Management
  29. Purdue Engineering Student Council​
  30. Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  31. Purdue Habitat for Humanity (STEW)
  32. Krannert Minute Business Challenge (LILY 3102)

​​Site 1 - Information Tent

Saturday and Sunday Activities
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​Site 2 - College of Agriculture

Saturday and Sunday Activities​
Come join many of the Purdue College of Agriculture's clubs and groups for some fun activities. You can make some fun arts and crafts and learn how you can be in 4-H. Tasty food and T-shirts will be for sale.

Test your knowledge of the world through our global trivia questions.  Taste some free internation cuisine while you learn about numerous study abroad opportunities. 

Springfest visitors will learn more about the educational opportunities offered through 4-H in all of Indiana's ninety-two counties.  Educational programs are available in approximately sixty subject matter areas and a variety of statewide events and activities. 

Purdue Collegiate 4-H members will host activities from the recent National Youth Science Day, helping participants learn some basic science concepts while having fun!

Children will learn what a corn ear looks like. They will be exposed to interesting facts about what corn is used for and other corn trivia.

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Site 3 - Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

Saturday and Sunday Activities
Come visit the Purdue Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department during Spring Fest for activities and games for all ages! We will be located at tent 6 on the lawn east of South Hall! We will have face painting, live plant necklaces, a weed guessing contest with prizes and more! 
There will also be an aquaponics display, the Student Farm will be selling vegetables and herbs and our LA students will be doing a Landscape Challenge that you don't want to miss!

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Site 4 - Boiler Barnyard - Department of Animal Sciences

Saturday and Sunday Activities

Boiler Barnyard is a family oriented public outreach event hosted by the Purdue Animal Sciences Ambassadors in coordination with Spring Fest. Visitors will have the opportunity to be up close with production livestock including Dairy cattle, beef cattle, Sheep and Pigs. Visitors will be able to pet the stock, milk a dairy cow, and take photos. In addition to the animals, we will also have informative sheets posted at each species including general production facts.

Each day we will also be doing at least one demonstration in our lecture tent, traditionally this is a demonstration on sheep shearing.

In addition to the livestock, we will be inviting various animal sciences clubs to have a table in the tent to promote their group and further enrich the experience for the Spring Fest visitors.

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Site 5 - Bug Bowl: Petting Zoo, Roach Races, Insect Art, Honey Tasting, Insects from Around the World 

Saturday and Sunday Activities

SMITH HALL: Come take part in Bug Bowl! Inside Smith Hall you'll find an Insect Petting Zoo, Honey Tasting and a glass bee hive, Roach Racing, an Arthropod Observation room, and insect face painting and crafts. See an amazing collection of insects from around the world.
The hallways are decorated with the entries in the The Annual K-12 Insect Art Contest. 

***Please join us Saturday, April 8 at 11 a.m. for the dedication of "The Entomologist" sculpture. The dedication will take place in front of the Agriculture Administration building, near site 1. 

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Site 6 - Departments of Agronomy, Botany and Plant Pathology

Saturday and Sunday Activities

What are elephant ears made of? Find out at the tent located between ​SMITH ​and LILLY Halls.

Lily tent activities:


Take home vegetables, herbs, and flowers from the Botany Club plant sale; "What's growing on my lettuce?", an interactive activity; Place your vote for the "Community Favorite" in the Fifth Annual Plant Art Competition.

  • "Clay Dough and Rainbows" Not only will you get slimed but you'll get a tattoo.
  • ESE will do "Changing Landscapes” Children will use clay and natural materials to create a landscape and then administer "disturbances" to learn about anthropogenic and natural events that affect the landscape.
  • "Mushrooms-Butterflies and Popcorn" find out what relationships they share.
  • How do you spell Plant Growth? WAVSSS! 
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Site 7 - ​​Department of Biological Sciences

Saturday and Sunday Activities
Visit Lilly Hall for a hands-on tidal pool with sea urchins, starfish, and sand dollars; observe adult sea slugs, zebrafish embryos, and cultured neurons; explore the behavior of mantis shrimp and weakly electric fish; and come for a chance to drive a mind-control remote-control car or experience a simple electric circuit to use muscle potentials to move a robotic pincer.

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Site 8 - Purdue Integrative Neuroscience Center 

Saturday and Sunday Activities
Saturday: Brain-control car demos and using electrical activity of the forearm muscles to control a robotic gear.

Sunday: Chicken embryo demo to show how the brain, eyes and heart develop at 3, 4 and 5 days of development. 

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Site 9 - Department of Biochemistry

Saturday and Sunday Activities
Come visit the Purdue Biochemistry Club for fun and educational science experiments! Every hour (beginning at 10:30AM) we will be hosting a demonstration in front of the Biochemistry Building.

Demonstrations typically include Coke and Mentos Geyser and Elephant Toothpaste.

Between and during demonstrations, we will have several interactive stations inside, including: 
  • Make Your Own Lava Lamps
  • InstaSnow
  • Goo Worms
  • And more!
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Site 10 - IU School of Medicine - West Lafayette

Saturday Activities only
Malignant Microbe Medical Quest:
Journey to Lyles-Porter Hall to help us defeat the dreaded microbes and stop their invasion!
  • To prepare you for your battle, you will learn about the circulatory, skeletal, digestive, and immune systems - even get the chance to hold a human brain!
  • Finally, traverse the Blood Brain Barrier (if you dare!), and then face the invaders in an epic show-down to reclaim Lyles-Porter.
  • First and second year medical students from the Indiana University School of Medicine-West Lafayette will guide you throughout your quest to successfully defeat the malignant microbes.
  • Upon completion of your conquest, document your journey at our portrait station, and be dubbed a Knight of Lyles-Porter.
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Site 11 - College of Health and Human Sciences

Saturday Activities only

How Strong Are You?
Come to the Nursing Center for Family Health and test the strength of your grip. Testing your handgrip may get you a sticky hand.

Hard Working Heart
The faster you move, the faster your heart pumps. See your heart rate at rest and see your heart rate after jumping. Listen to your heart and take care of your heart.

NURSING FREE Face painting 11 - 1pm

National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Come join Purdue's National Speech, Language, and Hearing Association on safari, we are on the prowl for speech sounds! Our speech and hearing activities will have you exploring the wild world of language with excitement. Come and check us out, it is going to be a ROARING good time.

Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics
Come join the Clinical Psychology students for fun activities about the way we think and feel! You can try out tricky puzzles about how we see things, you can test your will power, and you can play games about feelings. All ages can participate in interactive learning about our brains and behavior.

Public Health Student Association
Come join the Purdue Public Health Student Association (PHSA) for tips and tools on how kids can lead a healthy life. There will be lawn games, healthy snacks, and a “proper hand washing” tool kit that kids will use to learn how to wash their hands. Information will also be available for kids to learn about physical activity and healthy eating. PHSA FREE Zumba for Kids will be at 1pm.

Speech Language Hearing Science Child Speech & Language Researchers
We study how kids learn to talk. See what your voice looks like on a computer! Make your own Brain Hat! For younger children – play games like Hula Hoop Hop and Rhyme Time!

Student Academy of Audiology
Lend us your ears! Purdue Student Academy of Audiology (Purdue SAA) is offering fun and interactive ear-related activities. Color an expandable ear, learn about ear wax, and experiment with sound.

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Site 12 - Department of Agriculture Economics

Saturday Activities only 

Visit the Department of Agricultural Economics tent to learn economics in a fun way and color a t-shirt! Play games and participate in hands-on activities to learn how people make decisions. 

Game and activities include: "How Much is that Pet?", "Marketing Match Game", "Picture Yourself as an Entrepreneur" and color a "FREE" souvenir t-shirt!​
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Site 13 - Department of Forestry and Natrual Resources

Saturday Activities only


Visit the FNR tent to experience live reptiles, amphibians and fish, courtesy of The Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society. Make track molds and learn about nature courtesy of FNR Student Clubs!


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Site 14 - Department of Food Science

Saturday Activities only

Are you curious about your food? Have you ever wonder how ice cream is made? Or how gummy worms are just so gooey? Or why popcorn POPS?! 

n the Food Science building you'll not only find answers to these questions but you'll also find soft serve ice cream and popcorn being served out of our pilot plant with yummy toppings to put on top. 

Our portable canner will be out making canned piggy banks, that'll need a little more than a hammer to get open! 

Also, our food science students will be demonstrating how your own sensory perception can fool you, while also answering any questions you have about food science! 

Be sure to stop by Nelson (Food Science Building) for some yummy science and treats.

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Site 15 - Horticulture Show - Horticulture Society

Saturday and Sunday Activities

The Purdue Horticultural Society presents its 104th annual Horticultural Show. Make sure to stop by for the plant sale if you're shopping for trees, perennials, or bedding plants. The plant sale is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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Site 16 - College of Veterinary Medicine

Saturday Activities only​

The Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine will host its 54th Annual Open House. 

"The Key to a Healthy Animal is as Easy as Pie" will serve as the theme for the 2017 student-led Open House. 
 Everyone is invited to visit all of the exciting and educational exhibits such as the "Teddy Bear Clinic", Petting Zoo, Live Spay Surgery                 Demonstration, etc. We look forward to welcoming everyone on Saturday, April 8th from 10:00A-4:00P.​

Site 17 - Steamroller Printing

Saturday Activities only


Steamroller Printmaking will be presented outside of Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts.

Come see the age old method of relief printmaking conducted on a large scale, with an industrial steamroller as the printing press!

Site 18 - Bug Bowl: Cricket Spitting - Entomology

Saturday and Sunday Activities


- Participate in a sport invented right here at Purdue! Qualifying rounds in the morning and  afternoon, and winners of the Spit-Off get a ribbon and bragging rights. Part of the Department of Entomology's Bug Bowl.

***Please join us Saturday, April 8 at 11 a.m. for the dedication of "The Entomologist" sculpture. The dedication will take place in front of the Agriculture Administration building, near site 1. 

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Site 19 - Muslim Student Association

Saturday and Sunday Activities 

Visit the Muslim Student Association to learn more about Islam, have your name written in beautiful Arabic Calligraphy, get a Henna tattoo, try on a hijab, and enjoy some Arabic sweets/food!

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Site 20 - Purdue Falun Dafa Student Association

​Saturday and Sunday Activities

Come to our tent to learn about Falun Dafa, focusing on the cultivation of mind and thoughts, and try the 5 sets of peaceful and gentle exercises with the help of our club members, including meditation. 
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Site 21 - Purdue Student Health Advocates

​Saturday and Sunday Activities

Purdue Student Health Advocates will be hosting fun and educational games for kids about health!

Our activities will be encouraging children and families to get active and get excited about living a healthy lifestyle.

We will have demonstrations, games, challenges, and much more.

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Site 22 - Bug Bowl: "Insect Games and Insects as Food"

Saturday and Sunday Activities 

  • Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS)
  • Insect Games
  • Insect Food (i.e. insects you can eat!)
  • Invasive species information
  • Forensics
  • Carnivorous plants

    ***Please join us Saturday, April 8 at 11 a.m. for the dedication of "The Entomologist" sculpture. The dedication will take place in front of the Agriculture Administration building, near site 1. 

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Site 23 - College of Science (Saturday) and PULSe: Science in Schools (Sunday)

Saturday and Sunday Activities

​College of Science (Saturday Only)

Visit the College of Science to see science come to life through hands-on activities!

Dig up fossils, try your hand at a mathematical puzzle, answer science trivia questions to win cool prizes, have fun with state-of-the art technologies such as virtual reality, and learn about tornadoes, earthquakes, and planets.

All of this and more in the College of Science tent!

PULSe (Sunday Only)

PULSe is the Purdue University Interdisciplinary Life Sciences graduate program.

On Sunday, April 9th, we invite children and their parents to participate in interactive demonstrations and fun hands-on experiments that illustrate how biology, chemistry, and physics impact everyday life.

Dress like a scientist while learning about recent discoveries in the life sciences. Learn how lava lamps work and make one to take home.

Come visit us on the Memorial Mall to see why we’re excited about science!​

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Site 24 - Graduate Muslim Network

​Saturday and Sunday Activities

Muslim live in almost every country in the world and are the majority in fifty nations. The five nations with the largest Muslim populations are not Arab or located in the Middle East. Yet there is a general misconception that most Muslims are from Middle East.

Come to this event to learn about the Graduate Muslim students living in this community.

Come here their stories, backgrounds and experience their cultures.

Come enjoy desserts from across the Muslim world. 
We also have activities for kids to enjoy.

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Site 25 - College of Education (Saturday) and Pagan Academic Network (Sunday)

Saturday and Sunday Activities

College of Education (Saturday Only)

Explore the College of Education and learn more about what we have to offer! We'll also be face-painting all day, so be sure to stop by!

Pagan Academic Network (Sunday Only)

The Pagan Academic Network wants to help you welcome spring with plant potting, colorful crafts for sale and educational fliers that will provide information about our spring and summer holidays

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​Site 26 - Honors CollegeSaturday and Sunday Activities

Saturday and Sunday Activities 

Experience what the Honors College is all about while you enjoy a photo booth!

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Site 27 - College of Liberal Arts

Saturday Activities only

Meet a pirate! Be a TV star!
Watch a puppet show!
Visit the College of Liberal Arts and think it, dream it, and be it!

Site 28 - Krannert School of Management

​Saturday Activities only
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Site 29 - Purdue Engineering Student Council

​Saturday Activities only

The Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) will be hosting engineering organizations to put on fun learning activities for children!
 Along with this, PESC will be giving out free food and free balloon hats!

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Site 30 - Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Saturday Activities only
We will be very interactive even for the departments that are not represented.
We have activities which represent a life sized coding board for Computer Information Technology and a giant Jenga to represent Construction Management Technology.
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Site 31 - Purdue Habitat for Humanity

​Saturday Activities only

Habitat for Humanity for awareness activities that will involve painting and a photo booth. 

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Site 32 - Krannert Minute Business Challenge (LILY 3102)

Saturday Activities only

Test your problem solving skills with the Krannert Minute Business Challenge!

Participants of all ages will create innovative solutions to real world problems with the help of Krannert Undergraduate Students and briefly present their ideas to a panel of Krannert Faculty and Students.

*In 2015, this event was listed one of the Journal & Courier’s “Top 5 Things to do at Springfest”. Hope to see you there!
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