College of Agriculture Administration

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Karen Plaut Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture

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Bernie Engel Senior Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education

Agricultural Research at Purdue
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Gerald Shively Associate Dean and Director of International Programs in Agriculture

International Programs in Agriculture
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Christine A Wilson Associate Dean/Director of Academic Programs

Office of Academic Programs
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Jason Henderson Senior Associate Dean and Director of Purdue Extension

Purdue Extension
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Pamala V. Morris Associate Dean and Director of Multicultural Programs

Office of Multicultural Programs
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Danica Kirkpatrick Executive Director of Ag Alumni Association

Agriculture Alumni Association
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Matt Clawson Director of Financial Affairs

Purdue Agriculture Business Office
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John G. Baugh Director of Agricultural Services and Regulations

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Kyle Bymaster Chief Development Officer

Purdue Agriculture Department Heads

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Nathan Mosier Department Head

Agriculture and Biological Engineering
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Jayson Lusk Department Head

Agricultural Economics
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Mark Russell Department Head

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
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Ron Turco Department Head

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John Blanton Department Head

Animal Sciences
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Andrew Mesecar Department Head

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Christopher Staiger Department Head

Botany and Plant Pathology
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Stephen Cameron Department Head


Senay Simsek Department Head

Food Science
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Robert Wagner Department Head

Forestry and Natural Resources
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Linda Prokopy Department Head

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
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Maureen Manier Department Head

Agricultural Communication
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Aaron Walz Department Head

Agriculture Information Technology
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