Steve and Sandra Hageman Center for Student Achievement and Leadership


Dr. Marcos Fernandez and the Office of Academic Programs invite all students, faculty and staff to the new The Steve and Sandra Hageman Center for Achievement and Leadership.

The Center is open day and night and offers computer and printer access. After 5:00 p.m., students can access the center with their PUID card from the AGAD 121 hallway. The rooms in this facility are open to walk-in usage although reservations are recommended when having meetings. All room reservations go through the Office of Academic Programs.  To reserve a room email Tiffany Eakin, or Penny Kelly, You can view room availability below under each room.

AGAD 121B - Prusiecki

The Edward and Juanita Prusiecki Interview Room will accomodate 4 people.

AGAD 121D - Mawby

The Russ and Lou Ann Mawby Group Study Room will accomodate 8-10 people.


The group study room 121E will accomodate 8-10 p


Heinold Student Commons

The Harold and Margaret “Sis” Heinold Student Commons will accommodate 25-30 people.  This room has four student computers and one printer.