Career Development
Junior Year
Research & Preparation

  • Update your MyCCO Account – If you have questions or incur problems, please contact Suzanne Kennedy at 494-8141 or contact CCO Office.
  • Meet with your Departmental Career Services Coordinator and/or your Academic Advisor and finalize your career development plan.
  • Utilize the Job Search Resources for internships available on the college website
  • Investigateinternship opportunities - This is one of the most important things you can do to build your resume and try out your potential career.  It is also one of the best ways to prepare for applying for permanent positions your senior year.  Interning between your junior and senior year is crucial.

     Video: Getting the Most Out of Your Internship
  • Research graduate programs - How to Research and Prepare for Graduate School
  • Review Business Etiquette and Interviewing Resources – college website
  • Participate in a Mock Interview - The mock interview is a way to polish your skills before you start the real interview process
  • Create or update your LinkIn Profile - Think of your LinkedIn profile as an interactive business card.
  • Attend a Resume Blitz – Your resume will be critiqued by a agriculture industry and CCO representatives     
  • Attend the Employer Career Panel Discussion - evening before Fall Career Fair.
  • Attend the Fall and Spring College of Agriculture Career Fairs – Career Fairs are an excellent way to explore careers, inquire about internships and build your professional career network.
  • Volunteer in the community - If you are unable to secure an internship position, volunteer for an organization that provides relevant experience and networking opportunities.
  • Participate in Study Abroad - if you did not apply for or obtain an internship position, then think about participating in a study abroad experience.  Employers need global employees.
  • Explore Undergraduate Research
  • Get involved in campus/college clubs and leadership activities