Dean's Scholars

Selection criteria:

  • All students who enter Purdue University College of Agriculture as recipients of the Board of Trustees Scholarship are encouraged to apply to the Dean's Scholars Program as are others fulfilling the following criteria:
    • 3.8/4.0 High School GPA and 1800 SAT/ACT 27 and above


    • Valedictorian of high school
  • First semester students will be asked to accept a Dean's Scholar status by STAR and must accept the invitation prior to fall semester.
  • Second semester freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students with 60 credits remaining at Purdue may apply if they have a GPA equal to or greater than 3.5. A written essay stating why the student is interested in being a Dean's Scholar is part of the formal application process. Review of applications will be administered by the Office of Academic Programs and the Departmental Honors Coordinator from the department in which the student is enrolled.

Requirements if you were admitted before Fall 2014:

  • First semester students will enroll in an honors section of AGR101H - 0.5 credit.
  • Each year a student is designated as a Dean's Scholar, the student is advised to complete three credit hours of honors courses. At graduation each Dean's Scholar will have a minimum of 12 credits of honors courses. Honors courses can be courses or sections of courses approved for honors credit by the College of Agriculture Curriculum and Student Relations Committee, a University Honors (HONR) course, a course with honors designation taught in another College (School) in the University, a 600-level course, or a regular course or section of a course in which a special honors project is required in addition to the regular course requirements. For a regular course or section of a regular course to receive a temporary designation as an honors course, the student must complete the Honors Contract Course form​ (For Honors Contract Course Procedure, click here).  S/he will need to obtain the signature of Dr. Fernandez or his designee as the “Honors Unit Director."
  • Students must complete at least 15 credits during regular academic year semesters in which they are resident at the West Lafayette campus.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 3.25 at the end of each semester as a Dean's Scholar. If a student's GPA drops below 3.25, the student has one semester to re-establish the minimum GPA before losing the designation of Dean's Scholar. Students have only one opportunity to re-establish the minimum GPA.
  • A Dean's Scholars Profile must be developed by the end of the student’s first semester or by the end of the first semester after a student enters the Program. A Dean’s Scholars Profile includes:
        • A working plan for meeting the 12 credit hours of honors courses.
        • A creative scholarly work such as a bachelor's thesis, laboratory project, or design project (3-6 credit hours); three credits of which may be used as part of the 12 credits of honors courses.
        • Annual participation in Dean's Scholars events. (Must participate in 8 events in order to receive the Dean's Scholars Designation at graduation.)
        • Participation (at least once) in the Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium . (Students will also be encouraged to present their project at a regional or national meeting and to publish their results, if appropriate.)