University Senate Representatives



Name Department Years
​Gerald E. Shively ​Agricultural Economics ​3
​Jianxin Ma ​Agronomy ​3
​Sean Rotar ​Horticulture & Landscape Architecture ​3
​Natalie J. Carroll ​At-Large ​3
​Lawrence P. DeBoer, Jr. ​At-Large ​​3
​Monica Ivantysynova ​Agricultural and Biological Engineering ​2
​Ryan A. Cabot ​Animal Sciences ​2
​Linda S. Prokopy ​Forestry and Natural Resources ​2
​Levon T. Esters ​Youth Development & Agricultural Education ​2
​Sandra S. Rossie ​Biochemistry ​1
​Jo Ann Banks ​Botany and Plant Pathology 1
​Matthew D. Ginzel ​Entomology ​1
​Christian E. Butzke ​Food Science
​Paul D. Ebner
​At-Large ​1

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener