Grade Appeals Committee




Name Department Years
Jane R. Frankenberger
Agricultural and Biological Engineering 1
Scott W. Downey Agricultural Economics 1
Devdutta S. Niyogi
Agronomy 1
Kara R. Stewart Animal Sciences 1
James D. Forney
Biochemistry 1
Charles P. Woloshuk Botany and Plant Pathology 1
Jeffrey D. Holland
Entomology 1
Andrea M. Liceaga Food Science 1
Zhao Ma Forestry and Natural Resources 1
Jules Janick
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 1
Neil A. Knoblock Youth Development and Agricultural Education 1
J. Marcos Fernandez* Academic Programs (Undergraduate Students)
​Shawn S. Donkin ​Agricultural Research Programs (Graduate Students)

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener (for undergraduate appeals)

Undergraduate Students

Name   Years
Natalie Ehmke   1
Allen Chen   1
Abigail Bickel 1st Alternate 1
Ross Baker 2nd Alternate 1
Thomas Fisher ​3rd Alternate 1
Morgan Sussman 4th Alternate 1
To Be Determined 5th Alternate 1
Breanna Frailey 6th Alternate 1
Sean Tormoehlen 7th Alternate 1
Cory Bowman 8th Alternate 1
Micah Koehler-Marsh 9th Alternate 1

Graduate Students

Name   Years
Geoff Schortgen   1
Brad D. Thada   1
Chris Byrd 1st Alternate 1
Leigh Schmidt 2nd Alternate 1
Tim Malinich 3rd Alternate 1
Bridget Blood 4th Alternate 1
To Be Determined 5th Alternate 1
Tyler Jones 6th Alternate 1
To Be Determined 7th Alternate 1
Xangxuan Liu 8th Alternate 1
​To Be Determined
​9th Alternate ​1