AREA Promotions Committee



Name Department Years
​Osvaldo H. Campanella Agricultural and Biological Engineering ​3
​Thomas W. Hertel Agricultural Economics ​3
​Natalie J. Carroll
Youth Development and Agricultural Education ​3
​Eileen J. Kladivko ​Agronomy ​2
​Terry S. Stewart ​Animal Sciences ​2
​William G. Johnson ​Botany and Plant Pathology ​2
​Clifford S. Sadof ​Entomology ​2
James D. Forney Biochemistry 1
Bruce R. Hamaker Food Science 1
J. Andrew DeWoody Forestry and Natural Resources 1
Stephen C. Weller Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 1
Jay T. Akridge* Dean of Agriculture  

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener