Agenda and Policy Committee



Name Department Years

​Albert L. Heber Agricultural and Biological Engineering ​3
​Raymond Florax
Agricultural Economics ​3
​Ronald F. Turco, Jr.
Agronomy ​3
​Abigail S. Borron Youth Development and Agricultural Education ​3
Candace C. Croney​ ​Animal Sciences ​2
​Xiaoqi Liu ​Biochemistry ​2
​Tesfaye D. Mengistem ​Botany and Plant Pathology ​2
​Michael E. Scharf ​Entomology ​2
​Kee Hong Kim ​Food Science ​1
Rod N. Williams Forestry and Natural Resources 1
Bruce P. Bordelon* Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 1
​Peter M. Hirst ​Senate Representative
Jay T. Akridge Dean of Agriculture  
Timothy P. Kerr
Agricultural Faculty Secretary  

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener