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Cindie L Gosnell

Agricultural Communication Service 

  • Web Communication Specialist

Agriculture Information Technology 

  • Web Application Support Specialist


Awards & Honors

(2009) An Award for 2009. AgIT.

Selected Publications

Shakespeare, W., Henry, O. O., & Gosnell, C. (in press). Is Testing FAIR?. AgIT in Review, 31-33.

Gosnell, C. (in press). df dafl. dof fjeo.

Gosnell, C. (in press). Vintage Metal Cabinets. This Old House, 72, 44-47.

Gosnell, C. (in press). A Book for 2010.

Gosnell, C. (2009). Fake Publication 1.

Gosnell, C. (in press). A Sample Book for 2009.

Gosnell, C. (2009). A Sample Extension Publication.

Gosnell, C. (in press). In Fake Chapter in Fake Book.

Gosnell, C. (in press). Fake Presentation. Fake Proceeding.

Gosnell, C. (2009). look at the year. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 12.