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Announcements: Group Policy and Drive Letter Changes


Group Policy and Drive Letter Changes




This email is to announce an upcoming change that will affect most PC users in the College of Agriculture.  As we continue to standardize our IT environment across the college and university, we will be implementing a change to the computer policies each computer receives from being part of the OnePurdue domain.  As part of a campus-wide initiative, we will also be standardizing the various drive letters that are in use today.  Please read below for further details.  



Currently, each department/unit/college/school is responsible for setting group policies and drive letter mappings for their respective users. In our College for example, there are numerous policies meant to accomplish the same things. In order to provide a better service, we will be standardizing our approach with these policies. Each Academic IT Specialist, along with AgIT staff, has met and agreed to a standard approach.


What does this mean to me?

The most obvious change for most users will be different drive letters. For example, what was considered the X drive in some departments will now become the S drive.  In the end, all users in the college will have the same drive letters that will correspond to the same type of information.  For example, all U drives will point to a user’s home directory.  All S drives will point to your departmental/unit share. I will publish a detailed list for each department prior to the change. 

Please note: The determination of drive letters and their mappings was completed by a campus-wide committee.  Work is currently underway across campus to standardize to these drive letters.  This is meant to minimize confusion for users as they move to different departments/units or have an appointment in two colleges; drive mappings will be consistent.


Another change for many users is that we will now automatically be mapping your 'My Documents' folder to your home directory on the file server (what will be the new U drive). What this means is that anything stored in My Documents will actually be stored on the server, which is automatically backed up to prevent lost data. Any data that is stored locally in your My Documents will automatically be moved to the U drive when we make the change.  If you connect from outside Purdue, the My Documents folder (along with other mapped drives) will be unavailable to you until you connect to the VPN. If you will not have internet access off-site, you will need to copy your data locally and then sync when you return.  



We will be implementing using a phased approach during the month of July. I will send out an email to each department at least one week prior to the change to give them further details, along with a list of what is changing.  A full list of Knowledge Base help articles, links, and changes will be published closer to the actual change date.​




Created at 6/26/2013 8:30 AM by Rodriguez, Rick
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