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Announcements: AgIT Announces new Privilege Management software


AgIT Announces new Privilege Management software


Over the past several years we have been gathering feedback and comments from on and off campus staff and faculty. One issue that always comes up is that around access and admin rights. We have been listening and working to find a solution that will meet individual user needs, as well as security requirements. 

We are happy to announce that we will be rolling out a new service that will help to bridge this gap.  This service is called Privilege Management. Starting Tuesday, May 14th, on all AgIT-supported PC’s (we are investigating solutions for Macs still) you will begin to see a granular increase in access rights. This will include tasks such as installing/updating software, installing printer drivers from HP and several other vendors, defragmenting your hard drive, setting the time zone, etc. 


As we initiate the service, you will see the following three screens when trying to install or run services that have previously required administrative privileges. Note: Some applications or services that in the past been blocked will be 'whitelisted'.  This will allow for immediate install without a dialog box.



The Managed Application dialog box will be shown for applications such as IE, Flash, Windows Updates, FileMaker, etc.  The installation and updating of these applications is handled automatically by AgIT and cannot be executed manually. When AgIT deploys a new version of this software, your computer will receive it automatically.  


The Application Blocked dialog box will be shown when trying to do something that is normally blocked, such as installing torrent applications or unapproved security suites. We ask that you submit a request that will be  e-mailed back to AgIT Support Services. By submitting your request, AgIT will investigate and possibly include it in the 'whitelist' for future installs and updates by yourself and other users. We encourage you to submit requests so other users can reap the benefits of possibly allowing this application. 


The Confirm Elevation box will be present for a wide and ever increasing variety of applications that we will allow to be installed. We will be asking for credentials to ensure that Purdue faculty/staff are making the request.


As we move forward, we will continue to gather more data and work to increase 'whitelist' applications and services.


We always open to suggestions on what you would like to see added or if you have any questions about this new service. We have created several Knowledge Base articles to further explaining this service.  These articles can be found here:








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