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Announcements: W: and U: drives moving to new server


W: and U: drives moving to new server


As a follow-up to the previous email regarding the change in file storage locations (see below), I have included specific instructions in this email for your department.  AgIT plans to move your files to the new server on the evening of Monday, April 15th, starting at 6:00pm.   At 6:00pm, we will disconnect any open sessions to your current W: or U: drive folders**.  Access to other resources, like email, internet, other network drives, and printing, will not be affected.  The easiest thing to do would be to logoff of your computer prior to leaving for the day.  If you will be working at that time, we ask that you save work frequently.  If you must have access to a file on that drive during the evening of your cutover, please contact AgIT and we will work out a backup plan for you.

When the move is completed an email will be sent out instructing you to restart your computer.  Once restarted, the new login script should automatically map your new drive locations.  Note that the drive letters will remain the same.  If you notice anything wrong, please contact AgIT.

If you connect to drives from home, an iPad, or anywhere else other than logging into your computer while connected to the campus network, there is a good chance that you will need to remove and re-add those connections to reflect the new server name.  I have included links below to our Knowledge Base that gives instructions on how to do so.  If you have problems, please feel free to contact AgIT and we will be happy to assist. 


Your new share name will be  \\\ag_pub (there is an _ between ag and pub) – for the old “W” drive and

\\\ag_projects (there is an _ between ag and projects) – for the old “U” drive

**Please note that not all users may have these drive mappings, and for certain users these letters may point to other drives that may not be affected.  This will primarily affect users with an AgIT imaged computer managed by AgIT. 

* Note that these drives will automatically map to your W and U the day after the move if they were before. It is here for information only. 

List of all new share names (find your department share name here)


How to manually map a network drive


Settings for mobile devices


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AgIT.​




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