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Announcements: Network Storage Change


Network Storage Change



AgIT has an important announcement to make regarding network file storage that will affect all users. Please read below for further details.

In order to provide better service, AgIT and ITaP have partnered to deliver a more reliable, robust file storage system. Over the course of the next month, AgIT will be copying data from the old x-files server to the new Isilon server. We are working hard to minimize any service disruptions and will be providing updates along the way.


Why are we making these changes?

Our current file storage server, X-files, has reached its end of life and must be replaced.  By partnering with ITap, AgIT is able to provide more storage space for users at a lower overall cost to the College. 


When will this occur?

Data is being copied from the old server to the new server nightly. Over the next month, we will "flip the switch" to the new server one department at a time. You will receive emails one week prior to your cutover with specific instructions and further details. I will also send a reminder the day before the switch as well. You will have full access to all your files on the old server until the night of the switch.


What will be different?

For most users on campus you will not notice much of a change. Most network drives are mapped automatically at login, and the change will be seamless once you restart your computer. The big difference will be for users who have manually mapped another drive, connect  to drives from home or via VPN, or use mobile devices such as iPads to connect to network resources. If you try to connect to a network resource after the move without modifying the network path, you will receive an error. Instructions to modify these drive mappings will be sent in future emails.


What do I need to do to my computer?

We will ask users to logoff their computer for the night of the changeover. Other than that, when you login in the next morning everything should work as it did before. The login scripts will be updated by AgIT and your Academic IT Specialists automatically.  We will do all cutovers in the evening. Email and internet connections will not be affected


Will I lose any data?

No. We have done extensive testing and verified that all files will copy over. We have a system in place to catch any errors and make sure all data is moved. Folder structure and permissions will stay the same as before. The only difference is that the files will reside on a different server. 


Who do I contact if I have questions/need help?

AgIT staff and departmental IT specialists are here to help. Although you should not experience any issues, should you happen to have a problem or a question please feel free to contact us.  AgIT will also provide additional staff during this time and will be available for help, if needed. Simply reply to this email and a staff member will contact you, or you may also call 48333 with any questions.


Thank you for your assistance. We appreciate your patience and understanding.​




Created at 4/1/2013 10:44 AM by Rodriguez, Rick
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