Exchange Students in Chicago
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Organizations and Activities

Getting the most out of your time at Purdue also means getting involved. The Purdue Dean of Students Office has a database that lists the various student organizations on campus.Take your first step toward participation and enjoy many opportunities to build friendships and rewarding experiences by joining any of the 750 student organizations on campus.

You can join a sports club, an academic organization, a professional or special interest organization, or an international student group.

All exchange students are invited to become members of the Purdue Association of Student Study Abroad Participant and Other Recent Travelers (PASSPORT), a social organization that fosters friendship and camaraderie between exchange students and Purdue students who studied abroad in previous semesters.

In addition to weekly gatherings, PASSPORT members have organized group excursions to Chicago, St. Louis, and Cincinnati, and participated in university events like the International Education Week, International Awareness Week, and others.

Entertainment & Sports

Check out the Purdue, Lafayette, and West Lafayette tertainment and sports.

American Culture

Try to understand some of the American Culture.


Americans have numerous holidays (16.5KB). Purdue observes some holidays by not having classes.

Post Office

There are many post office located around Purdue.


While the weather is often unpredictable in the Midwestern part of the United States, you can expect hot, humid summer days and sub-zero (Fahrenheit) winter days with snow and ice. Generally, July and August are the hottest months while January and February are the coldest.

September to late October days are very nice with cool, sunny weather. It is also a treat to see the leaves in the trees turn from green to various shades of yellow, red, orange, and brown. The months from March to May are also beautiful as flowers abound and the first buds appear in trees.

Warm clothes, such as heavy coats, scarves, gloves, and boots, are essential for the winter months of December through March. Winters can be harsh in Indiana. The cold weather is usually compounded by wind-chills that can make the outdoor temperature seem 10 to 15 degrees colder. If you are coming for the spring semester, and you are not used the cold, brace yourself for really frigid weather.

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Working at Purdue

Exchange students may be employed on campus up to 20 hours per week during the academic semester. Purdue has jobs at the residence halls, the Purdue Memorial Union, and the Purdue Libraries typically hire several student workers every semester. You should check out the information regarding Student Employment.

In addition, students may apply for "academic training." Academic training is employment in the field of your academic program in the U.S. Exchange students may engage in academic training equal to the length of time they were registered as a student at Purdue (for example, 1 semester = 4 months of Food Science Buildingacademic training). Once you arrive on campus, all employment inquiries should be directed to the Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS). The ISS website has all the information you need for on-campus employment and academic training.

Outside the Purdue Memorial Union
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All computers in campus labs are on the Internet. You may use IPIA's fax machine to send/receive correspondence to/from your home university. All rooms in the residence halls have a telephone. Mobiles or cell phones are prevalent and there are numerous companies offering different types of calling plans.

Note that in the United States, mobile phone users pay even for incoming calls. For overseas calls, students can consider getting an international calling plan from the larger long-distance carriers AT&T, MCI, and Sprint, or using an international calling card that's sold in many stores in and around campus. To make a long distance call in the U.S., dial: 1+ (the 3 digit area code) + (the 7 digit number of your correspondent). To place an international call, dial: (your provider's access code) + (the country code) + (the number of your correspondent).


Students living in the Purdue residence halls may choose a 20-, 15-, 12-, or 10-meal plan as part of their residence hall contract. Residence hall students use their university ID card to take their meals in any residence hall dining hall

Students living off-campus will naturally have to shop and prepare their own meals


Check out the local news:

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  • Journal & Courier
  • Indianapolis Star
Food Science Building
Outside Hovde Hall

Shopping & Dining

The university is within easy walking distance to many bookstores, shops, restaurants, hair salons, banks, and others. The three most convenient grocery stores include: Marsh Supermarket, Meijer and Payless Supermarket or Wal-Mart Super Store. Outside Hovde HallStudents who want to go clothes-shopping will need to go to the Tippecanoe Mall. For purchasing general items winterrrr 213.jpg

like electronics, toiletries, school supplies, linens, large stores like Meijer, Wal-Mart, or Target offer the most reasonable prices. Electronics, like a digital camera or MP3 players, may be purchased at stores like Best Buy or Hhgregg. There is a large Goodwill Store, not far from the Purdue campus, that sells used items in good condition at low prices.

For students who want to dine out, there are numerous restaurants in and around campus or downtown Lafayette worth trying. Such as:

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Surrounding Area

Purdue is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, which is close by Lafayette. Chicago is about a 2 hour drive by car.

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