2017-2018 Winter Break

This course is designed to provide an alternative to typical winter break activities. Additional tuition is not charged as it is included with spring semester tuition.

Engagement Methods for International Food Security in Haiti    --- apply here​Haiti Service-Learning 2017-18 Promo.jpg

This course will explore existing malnutrition, health, and economic issues and develop potential educational engagement strategies to improved nutrition with sustainable agricultural and animal sources of nutrients and improved access to clean water. Work and learn in Cap-Haitian. Learn to contribute to sustainable community projects through application of agricultural and food sciences. Students will also be required to register for a preparation seminar fall 2017 and an 8 week course spring 2018. Students will earn a total of three academic credits for this Haitian experience.

For more information contact:

Dr. Mark Russell, YDAE, mrussell@purdue.edu


12-13 Lessons from Haiti Presentation Video
12-13 Blog

Animals and Food Security: Service Learning in northern Haiti – Cap Haitian(PDF)


17-18 New Zealand

With a country full of breath-taking beauty with diverse natural landscapes of mountains, rolling pastures, lakes, beaches, rivers, and volcanoes, this course will focus on agriculture within New Zealand. Visit Quail Island to focus on restoring ecoysystems resilience to global change. Explore Akaroa by taking a dolphin cruise. Compare differences and similarities by touring a dairy and sheep farm. White water raft at Mt Peel. See animals and a Maori cultural performance at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.
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