Meet the 2014-2015
International Agriculture Ambassadors 14-15 Intl Ag Ambassadors

An International Agriculture Ambassador represents International Programs in Agriculture and is an advocate for study abroad.

First Row-Right to Left: Melissa Galizio, Matthew Rodgers, Whitney Blankenberger, Jacquelyn Brown, Jared Burke, Jim Vinyard, Baily Altman
Second Row-Right to Left: Kelly Beeker, Abbey Amos, Tess Chamberlain


 Baily Altman
Sustainable Agronomic Systems
Ireland & Italy Spring Break


Abbey Amos
Agribusiness Managment
 Australia Semester



Kelly Beeker
Agriculture Economics
France Summer, Italy &
Ireland Spring Break 



Whitney Blankenberger
Animal Science
Ireland Semester



  Jacquelyn Brown
Ireland Spring Break
Ag Sales & Marketing


Jared Burke
Agriculture Economics
Spain Summer

Tess Chamberlain
Food Science
Spain Semester 

Melissa Galizio
Food Science 
Italy Maymester &
France Summer

Matthew Rodgers
Landscape Architecture
England Semester 

Jim Vinyard
Animal Science 
Romania Maymester


Requesting an International Ag Ambassador14-15 Ambassadors

Please email if you would like an international agriculture ambassador to speak at a club meeting or in a classroom.

Application & Callout Information

If you are interested in becoming an International Ag Ambassador, feel free to stop in AGAD 26. Interested agriculture students will complete an application and go through an interview. The callout was on March 5, 2015 at 3:30 pm in AGAD 128. Here is the powerpoint from the callout. The International Ag Ambassadors Application 15.pdfapplication needs to be submitted by March 27th to AGAD 26 by 5:00 pm.


  • Assist with incoming international exchange students
  • Promote study abroad
  • Assist with international visitors
  • Give presentations to off-campus groups
  • Increase global awareness