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Study Abroad - Application Process

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Reasons to Study Abroad
  1. Enhance life
    Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal growth that will affect a student for the rest of their life. Lives are transformed as students become more self aware of who
    they are and what defines them.
  2. Earn academic credit
    The courses that are taken abroad transfer back to Purdue as credits and grades. Students can fulfill requirements for their major, minor or elective coursework. Some programs offer hands-on learning to enhance the academic experience.
  3. Make new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime
    Meeting new people from different backgrounds and becoming familiar with their culture is a unique opportunity. Having contacts abroad creates a valuable network. The memories and experiences will positively impact students throughout their life.
  4. Expand employment opportunities
    Students invest in their future when they study abroad since it sets them apart from others in the job market. The skills gained abroad give an advantage in just about any career field.
  5. Take advantage of the affordable opportunity
    Financial aid, scholarship, grant, and loan amounts vary on the length of the program. Going abroad as a student is an inexpensive way for a priceless time in a different country.
  6. Increase understanding of the world
    Daily experiences of eating ethnic foods, traveling new paths, using various modes of transportation, intermingling cultures, and having (or not having) different conveniences, provide a new appreciation for other cultures and lifestyles. Developing a global outlook increases the importance of international cooperation and diversity. Spanish Steps in Rome
  7. Explore today before it is too late
    As globalization is becoming more prominent it is vital for students to seize the array of opportunities studying abroad offers. Generally students have limited commitments towards people, location or careers. After graduating, it is difficult to find the time to immerse oneself into a culture.
  8. Gain invaluable life skills
    Through study abroad, students gain enhanced skills in leadership, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking. Many of the personal benefits include increased self-confidence, independence, self-sufficiency, patience, adaptability, cross-cultural communications skills, and a willingness to take on new challenges.
  9. Improve foreign language skills
    Students do not need to know a foreign language to participate in study abroad since all classes are taught in English. Through a students' time within a culture, they have the chance to learn a foreign language.
  10. Have fun
    Living in an unfamiliar environment, trying different foods, meeting new people, and sightseeing are exciting adventures. This experience can be the best time of a students' life.




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