PLANNING Your International Experience


Module 8 is designed as a set of reference materials for Extension professionals to use to increase their own understanding of internationalizing Extension. They are examples of materials developed and drawn from numerous sources and additional links that will be helpful to an Extension professional seeking additional background. This module relates to international experiences and how to apply those experiences in your personal and professional life. Unit 3 of this module is designed for the Extension professional without international experience. View this module as a supplement for Modules 1-7.


Barbara Ludwig is a Professor and Chair of Extension at Ohio State University. You may also contact her via telephone at (614)292-3510.


Overview of Module (Text) (PDF )
Introduction to Globalizing Extension (Text) (PDF )
International in Your Backyard (Power Point )
Unit 1: Planning for Your International Experience (Text ) (PDF )
What is Global Education? (Text) (PDF )
Sharing Your Experiences (Text) (PDF )
University Guidelines (OSU example) for International Experiences (Text ) (PDF )
Pursuing International Opportunities (OSU guidelines as example) (Text ) (PDF )
Unit 2: Framing Your International Experience (Text ) (PDF )
Global Interdependence in Agriculture: A User’s Guide… (PDF )
Global Interdependence in Agriculture (Power Point )
Promoting American Engagement (PDF )
Unit 3: Globalizing Without Leaving Home (Text ) (PDF )
Global School Bus Postcard (Picture )
Global School Bus Postcard – Back (Picture )
Global School Bus Flyer (Picture )

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