FACILITATING Workforce Development


This module provides a broad overview of the cultural issues that impact employment of new immigrants, and common issues that occur as they acculturate with a new environment. This module was constructed to address awareness of the participants own cultural perceptions and examine some major cultural issues and challenges that new immigrants may encounter in the work place. The understanding of culture, acceptance of cultural differences, and methods the extension professionals and educators can use to help in facilitating the new workers transition into a more diverse population will enhance better understand and improve working relationships between employee and employers.


Uford Madden is an Assistant Professor at Florida A&M University. You may also contact him via telephone at(850)599-3546.


Overview (Text) (PDF)
Unit 1: Awareness of Cultural Differences of Employees (Text) (PDF )
Resource Materials (Text) (PDF)
Unit 2: Employer/Employee Relations (Text) (PDF )
Resource Materials (Text) (PDF)
Unit 3: Education and Training: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Employees (Text) (PDF )
Resource Materials (Text) (PDF)
Unit 4: Work Placement (Text) (PDF )
Resource Materials (Text) (PDF)


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