International Agribusiness Speakers Forum​​​

The International Agribusiness Speakers Forum is funded under a grant from the USDA International Science and Education Competitive Grants Program (ISE). Its purpose is to share techniques and agribusiness methods that are successful in other countries and regions as well as discuss current economic issues that affect these countries and the United States.

Spring 2010:Andre Jooste

Speaker: Dr. Andre Jooste
Country: South Africa
Institution: University of the Free State
Dates: February 22-26, 2010

Seminar topics:

The linkage between policy reform and competitiveness of the agricultural sector in an economy in transition: the case of South Africa.  Seminar Flyer(155KB).

Spring 2009 :Marcos Fava Neves

Speaker: Dr. Marcos Fava Neves
Country: Brazil
Institution: University of Sao Paulo, School of Economics and Business
Dates: April 15-22, 2009

Seminar topics:

  • Global food prices
  • International trade
  • Brazilian agribusiness industry
  • Global economic crisis and its impact on Brazilian agriculture

Read his articles titled "Food Inflation Problem"(418KB) and "Strategic Marketing Plan."(92KB)

Fall 2007: Oswald Badresingh

Speaker: Mr. Oswald Badresingh
Country: Jamaica
Institution: College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) - Port Antonio, Portland
Dates: November 26-30, 2007

Seminar topics:

  • Agriculture extension service in Jamaica
  • Current agribusiness issues for Jamaica and its trading partners

Spring 2007: Czeslaw Nowak

Speaker: Dr. Czeslaw Nowak
Country: Poland
Institution: Agricultural University of Krakow, Poland
Dates: April 16-20, 2007

Seminar topics:

  • East Europe transitions into the European Union
  • U.S./Poland trade relations
  • Changes in agriculture and success in capacity building through extension

Fall 2006:

Speakers: Dr. Eliecer Vargas and Henry Quesada-Pineda
Country: Costa Rica
Institutions: CATIE University and the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Dates: October 22-24, 2006

Seminar topics:

  • Costa Rican trade with the United States
  • History and current state of Costa Rican agriculture

For more information, contact:

Andrea Burniske
International Extension Program Coordinator
Ph.: 765-494-9831