Dr. Lopez's Teaching Responsibilities:

HORT 420, Ornamental Crop Production, Fall Semester, 3 credit hours

Ornamental crop production is an upper-level undergraduate course designed to help you learn about the structure and management of the nursery and floriculture industries.  We will cover production strategies and current trends, with emphasis on the scientific principles underlying these strategies.  This course is lecture/discussion based, supplemented with handouts and presentations.  Students have the opportunity to visit production nurseries and greenhouses and present the results of those visits in class.  The group project is an opportunity to interact with people in the industry, and a major part of what you will get out of this class.


It is our hope that regardless of your career, the information you gain in this course will be beneficial.  Nursery and greenhouse production plays an important role in the commercial green industry that includes horticulture, landscape design, and forestry – without quality nursery and floriculture stock it is difficult to have successful plant establishment.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following:



  • describe the production nursery and greenhouse industry in Indiana and throughout the world
  • explain how field- and container-grown plants are produced in nurseries and greenhouses
  • discuss critical issues facing today's nursery and greenhouse industry
  • develop and effectively convey information using PowerPoint and a written report

HORT 491, Floriculture Special Topics, Spring Semester, 1 credit

This independent study is conducted primarily via e-mail and blackboard.  I will serve as your “greenhouse consultant” and you will be “greenhouse growers.”  I will look at your crops periodically over the semester and send notes on blackboard / e-mail and we will make decisions as a group on what should be done to the crops. When necessary we will look at the crops as a group or individually.​