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Robert J Joly

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

  • Professor of Horticulture
Horticulture Room 220
625 Agriculture Mall Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2010

Area of Expertise: Plant Physiology

Courses currently taught:

  • AGR 12000, Introduction to Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
  • AGR 29000, Introduction to Plant Science
  • HORT 11000, Survey of Horticulture
  • HORT 49200, Horticultural Science Capstone Seminar

Awards & Honors

(2003) Book of Great Teachers. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Inan, G., Zhang, Q., Li, P., Wang, Z., Cao, Z., Zhang, H., . . . Zhu, J. K. (2004). Salt cress, A halophyte and cryophyte Arabidopsis relative model system and its applicability to molecular genetic analyses of growth and development of extremophiles.. Plant Physiology, 135, 1718-1737.

Maggio, A., Miyazaki, S., Veronese, P. I., Fujita, T., Ibeas, J. I., Damsz, B., . . . Bressan, R. A. (2002). Does proline accumulation play an active role in stress-induced growth reduction?. The Plant Journal, 31(6), 699-712.

Maggio, A., McCully, M. G., Kerdnaimongkol, A., Bressan, R. A., Hasegawa, P. M., & Joly, R. J. (2002). The ascorbic acid cycle mediates signal transduction leading to stress-induced stomatal closure. Functional Plant Biology, 29(7), 845-852.

Maggio, A., Hasegawa, P. M., Bressan, R. A., Consiglio, M. F., & Joly, R. J. (2001). Unraveling the functional relationship between root anatomy and stress tolerance. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, 28, 999-1004.

Joly, R. J., Jones, M. L., Verlinden, S., Rhodes, D., & Woodson, W. R. (2000). Learning in an inquiry-driven plant physiology laboratory. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education, 29, 31-35.

Maggio, A., & Joly, R. J. (1995). Effects of mercuric chloride on the hydraulic conductivity of tomato root systems: evidence for a channel-mediated water pathway. Plant Physiology, 109, 331-335.

Saneoka, H., Nagasaka, C., Hahn, D. T., Yang, W. J., Premachandra, G. S., Joly, R. J., & Rhodes, D. (1995). Salt tolerance of glycinebetaine-deficient and -containing maize lines. Plant Physiology, 107, 631-638.

Jenks, M. A., Joly, R. J., Peters, P. J., Rich, P. J., Axtell, J. D., & Ashworth, E. N. (1994). Chemically-induced cuticle mutation affecting epidermal conductance to water vapor and disease susceptibility in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. Plant Physiology, 105, 1239-1245.

Joly, R. J. (1989). Effects of sodium chloride on the hydraulic conductivity of soybean root systems. Plant Physiology, 91, 1262-1265.

Joly, R. J., & Zaerr, J. B. (1987). Alteration of cell-wall water content and elasticity in Douglas-fir during periods of water deficit. Plant Physiology, 83, 418-422.