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Ray A Bressan

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

  • Distinguished Professor of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
WSLR Room 128

Area of Expertise: Molecular Genetics

Stress Physiology

A broad program based on the techniques of in vitro plant cell culture and selection with three major goals: 1) Establish cell systems to study the physiology and biochemistry of variants with increased tolerance to water and salt stress and isolate and study genes involved in cellular tolerance. 2) Regenerate plants in some instances from variant cell lines to attempt recovery of agriculturally useful phenotypes and to study the genetic basis of the phenotype of variants. 3) Estimate the extent and usefulness of phenotypic variability resulting from adventitious morphogenesis in plants.v

Awards & Honors

(2002) Distinguished Professorship. Purdue University.


Bressan, R. A. Activation of the Arabidopsis hypertall (HYT1/YUCCA6) locus affects several auxin mediated responses. U.S. Patent No. 7763772. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Bressan, R. A. Plant PR-5 proteins as mammalian therapeutic agents. U.S. Patent No. 7803854; 7803556. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Selected Publications

Arsenescu, Halide, T., Barisione, C., Cohen, D., DeVilliers, W. S., & Arsenescu, R. (2011). Adiponectin and Plant-Derived Mammalian Adiponectin Homolog Exert a Protective Effect in Murine Colitis. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 56(10), 2812-2832.

Lei, M., Zhu, C., Liu, Y., Karthikeyan, A., Raghothama, K., & Liu, D. (2011). Ethylene signalling is involved in regulation of phosphate starvation-induced gene expression and production of acid phosphatases and anthocyanin in Arabidopsis. New Phytologist, 189(4), 1084-1095.

Park, H., Choi, W., Park, H., Cheong, M., Koo, Y., Shin, G., . . . Yun, D. (2011). Identification and molecular properties of SUMO-binding proteins in Arabidopsis. Molecules and Cells, 32(2), 143-151.

Choi, W., Baek, D., Oh, D., Park, J., Hong, H., Kim, W., . . . Yun, D. (2011). NKS1, Na(+)- and K(+)-sensitive 1, regulates ion homeostasis in an SOS-independent pathway in Arabidopsis. Phytochemistry, 72(405), 330-336.

Reddy, M., Chung, S., Yun, D., Hardin, L., & Bohnert, H. (2011). Stress-adapted extremophiles provide energy without interference with food production. Food Security, 3(1), 93-105.

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Kim, J., Murphy, A., Baek, D., Lee, S., Yun, D., & Narsimhan, M. (2011). YUCCA6 over-expression demonstrates auxin function in delaying leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Experimental Botany, 62(1), 3981-3992.

He, X., Hsu, Y., Pontes, O., Zhu, J., Lu, J., Pikaard, C., . . . Zhu, J. (2010). NRPD4, a protein related to the RPB4 subunit of RNA polymerase II, is a component of RNA polymerases IV and V and is required for RNA-directed DNA methylation. Genes & Dev, 23, 318-330.

Leidi, E., Varragan, V., Rubio, L., El-Hamdaoui, A., Ruiz, M., Cubero, B., . . . Pardo, J. (2010). The AtNHX1 exchanger mediates potassium compartmentation in vacuoles of transgenic tomato. Plant Journal, 61, 495-506.

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