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LAAB Public Information Policy


 LAAB Public Information Policy


1. Student achievement as determined by the program

The Purdue Landscape Architecture Program measures student achievement based on data generated by our ongoing program of monitoring student outcomes and the metrics necessary to quantify student achievement.  Our outcomes and assessment program encompasses 77 distinct skills and abilities as defined by the ASLA’s Body of Knowledge and the Purdue Landscape Architecture Mission Statement. 

Exceptional academic performance is recognized and acknowledged with the following award programs:

ASLA Certificates of Honor and Merit (up to 6 awarded)

      Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Program (one awarded)

      The Don Molnar award for outstanding cooperative employment experience (either one or two awarded)

Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior in the Landscape Architecture Program (one awarded per each year)

Outstanding Senior Capstone Project award (one awarded)

Outstanding Senior Designer award (one awarded)

2. The cost (tuition and fees) for a full-time student for one academic year. Estimated housing costs per year and average costs of books and materials per year. Purdue University Bursar's Office Tuition/Fee Calculator​

3. Student retention:

The first year of our program is called PreLandscape Architecture. The majority of student attrition occurs during this year as students gain a better insight into the profession of Landscape Architecture. In the 20013-14 academic year, two PreLandscape Architecture students changed their degree objectives to other majors. This is both typical and an expected outcome of the PreLandscape Architecture year.  This attrition, however, was offset by three students who transferred into Landscape Architecture after completing their freshman year in another major. No students from the sophomore through senior years dropped the Landscape Architecture major, resulting in a 98.11% overall retention rate.

Graduation Rate:

The 2013 Senior class enrollment was 26 students. Three achieved early graduation (December 2012) due to additional credits amassed in previous majors. Of the remaining 23 students, 21 were granted BSLA degrees. The two remaining students are continuing to complete their degree requirements which were not met due to academic inadequacies. The 2013 graduation rate was 92.31%

The number of BSLA degrees conferred each year for the past five years:

2013: 24
2012: 19
2011: 26
2010: 29
2009: 24

Employment of graduates:

Among the 24 students who received BSLA degrees in 2013, 12 have reported receiving full-time positions, three are pursuing graduate degrees, five indicated that they are actively seeking employment and the remaining four are unknown or have not responded with employment status.

Student demographics:

For the academic year, 2013-14, the demographics of the Purdue Landscape Architecture Program were as follows:

  Total number of students in program: 104
•  Male: 58 students,  55.8%
    Female:  46 students, 44.2%
  In-state (Indiana resident): 63 students,  60.6%
•  Out-of-state (non-resident US citizen) 17 students, 16.3%
  International: 24 students, 23.1%
•  Minority: 2 students, 1.92%