New Indiana Challenge Match Scholarships

Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc. Scholarship
John and Barbara Baugh Scholarship
Sonny and Glendia Beck Scholarship
Jason & Ann Beuligmann Scholarship
Biological and Food Processing Engineering Scholarship
Bud and Milly Brehob Scholarship in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Paul and Linda Brennan Scholarship in Animal Sciences
Robert J. and Jennifer L. Brown Scholarship in ABE
John R. Brubaker Scholarship in Agriculture
Bill & Sherri Carteaux Scholarship
Chrissie Cartmell Indiana Challenge Match in Agricultural Economics
Gary and Mary Chenoweth Scholarship in Food Science
Crop Science Scholarship
Blaine Crowl  Memorial Scholarship in Animal Sciences
Robert & Amy Dale Family Scholarship
DeKryger Family Scholarship
Dow AgroSciences Scholarship
Bernie and Andrea Engel Scholarship in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Dr. Steve Erickson Memorial Scholarship
Brad and Brenda Fife Scholarship in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Food Science Scholarship
John H. Frischie Endowment in Agricultural Education
Leighton M. & Helen May Geyer Scholarship in Agricultural Economics
Gordon J. Graham and Wayne P. Rothgeb Scholarship
Hartman Family Farms Scholarship
Hebble Family Scholarship in Agriculture
Garry and Sarah Hellmich Scholarship
Jim and Neta Hicks Scholarships in Agricultural Economics
David and Mary Howell  Scholarship in Agriculture
Indiana State Poultry Association Scholarship
Indiana Challenge Scholarship in Agricultural Economics
Indiana Study Abroad Scholarship
Roger and Mary Kemper Scholarship in the College of Agriculture
Travis and Karen Kiesel Scholarship in Agricultural Education
Kyle and Jill Kohlhagen College of Agriculture Endowment
Imran Krazem Scholarship in Food Science
Jill E. Krutz Scholarship in Agriculture
Ladisch Endowment
Steve and Jane Lavey Scholarship in Biochemistry and Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Larry and Molly Loehr Scholarship in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Eric B. Luckman Memorial Scholarship in Animal Sciences
Madia Family Scholarship in Animal Sciences
Lessa Martin - Jim Kincaid Scholarship in Food Science
Dr. Bruce and Kathy Maunder Scholarship for International Study Abroad
Dr. A. Bruce and Katherina M. Maunder Endowment for Agronomy
McKinney/Kirkpatrick Family Scholarship
John Robert, Sr. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
George A. & Nancy M. Morton Scholarship in Agriculture
Dr. Bart Nelson Scholarship in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ni Family Scholarship in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Nidlinger Family Scholarship
Raymond "Mick" Ortman Scholarship in Agriculture
Red Gold Indiana Challenge Match Scholarship in Food Science
Roy and Kathleen Riggs Scholarship in Agriculture
Katie Rippel Scholarship in Food Science
 David and Mary Scheible Scholarship in Biochemistry
Harold Schramm Scholarship
Endowed Scholarship in Honor of John Senft, Professor of Forestry, Agriculture Scholarship
Gwendolyn S. Shoemaker Scholarship
Stanforth-Boyd Boilermaker Ag Scholarship
Dr. R. Mack and Anna Strickland Scholarship
Syngenta Ag Scholarship  Endowment
Tate and Lyle Scholarship in Agriculture
Kwok Yip Tso Indiana Challenge Match in Biochemistry
Sarah Naas Mauger Veil Food Science Scholarship
Donald and Joyce Villwock Scholarship
Ross Scott Williams, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Ralph E. and Winifred M. Woodward  Scholarship in Agronomy
Casey and Jill Zeller Scholarship in Agricultural Economics
Zhao-Herrmann Indiana Challenge Match Scholarship for Biochemistry
Zygmunt Family Scholarship in Biochemistry