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Other Specialized Laboratories and Equipment Available at Purdue


 Other Specialized Laboratories and Equipment Available at Purdue


Purdue University has many specialized facilities and equipment for both teaching and research that are available for graduate students:

Purdue University Discovery Park

The park is home to the Birk Nanotechnology Center, Bindley Biosciences Center, E-Enterprise Center, and Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. Several faculty members associated with the Food Science Graduate Program are linked to Discovery Park. Discovery Park

Electron Microscopy Center

The Purdue University Electron Microscopy Center supports research on submicroscopic structure of biological materials and is available to USDA Fellows.

Mass Spectroscopy Center

The campus-wide Mass Spectroscopy Center is available as three laboratories on campus for mass spectrometric analysis of bio-organic materials, on a pay/use basis. The laboratories have the following ionization techniques: electron impact, chemical ionization, capillary GC/MS, LC/MS, electrospray ionization, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization, and inductively coupled argon plasma. Mass Spectroscopy Center

Optoelectronics Research Center

This Center develops new optical and electronic sensors and other semiconductor technology for industrial applications. The Center consists of ten faculty participants and their graduate students who conduct research in the Solid State Devices and Materials Laboratories.

Protein Separation and Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory, a component of the Analytical and Functional Proteomics Core on the Purdue campus, supports the Bindley Bioscience Center in Discovery Park, the Purdue Cancer Center, and the Department of Biochemistry. Current operations include the capacity for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, Western and Northern blot analyses, protein N-terminal sequencing, amino acid analysis, and HPLC-based purification. Protein Separation and Analysis Laboratory


Purdue University has 14 libraries on the West Lafayette Campus that house more than 2 million volumes of books and periodicals. Over 18,000 serial titles including serial publications of societies, institutes, and governmental agencies, are received. Some federal government publications are also received on a depository basis. These libraries offer computer database access (AGRICOLA, BIOSIS, FSTA, MedLine, etc.) to a wide variety of periodicals and library holdings throughout the world. Purdue Libraries


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