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Industry Fellows | Purdue Food Science

Industry Fellows Program in Food Science at Purdue University

$22,000 Graduate Research Assistantships in Food Science


The Food Science Department at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana has created an “Industry Fellows Program”, intended to attract the best and brightest students toward graduate studies in Food Science.   The Department has partnered in graduate education with leading food companies, all of which seek to hire our best graduate students as their employees.  Students selected for the program will be supported by industry gift funds during their first year, then by faculty grant funds for the additional one or two years for degree completion.  This program is limited to students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and intend to pursue employment in the food industry upon graduation. While working with Purdue Food Science faculty on cutting-edge research projects during their graduate studies, the students will be closely linked to participating food companies.  The outstanding students trained will then be well prepared for successful careers in the food industry.


Industry Partners:

Cargill, Con Agra Foods,  and General Mills


Support of Graduate Students in First Year:

Four graduate students/year (M.S. or Ph.D.) will be selected as “Industry Fellows”,  supported in their first year on a research assistantship of $22,000/year, made possible by industry gift funds.


Support for Remainder of Graduate Studies:

Faculty members in the Food Science Graduate Program will use grant funds to support these students on research assistantship of $22,000/year for the additional one or two years (M.S. or Ph.D., respectively) required for completion of their graduate degrees.


Training in Signature Areas:

As much as possible, based on the research interests of applicants, one student will be selected every year in each of our four signature areas: 

  • Food Chemistry, Structure and Function
  • Foods for Health
  • Food Safety and Microbiology
  • Food Processing, Engineering, and Technology Development



All Industry Fellows will be required to do one summer internship (paid by company) at one of the participating companies. 


Industry Scientist Serving on Student Advisory Committee:

Each participating company will have the opportunity to have an industry scientist serve on the advisory committee of one new Industry Fellow.


Strengths of the Graduate Program at Purdue:

The Industry Fellows Program is led by the Department of Food Science, but the Food Science Graduate Program includes not only all faculty in the Food Science Department, but also select faculty in two other departments:  Food Process Engineers from the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering; and Nutritionists from the Department of Nutrition Science.  All three are among the top-ranked departments in the country, within their discipline, for both undergraduate and graduate programs.  Faculty members of the Food Science Graduate Program lead teams that do innovative, cutting-edge research.



Industry Fellows are selected from the pool of applications received by January 15th.
Industry Fellows begin graduate studies in May or August.

Application Instructions:


Contact Information:

               Phone:          1-800-829-3319
               Address:       Purdue University, Department of Food Science
                                      Philip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science
                                     745 Agriculture Mall Drive
                                       West Lafayette, IN  47907-2009