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The Department of Food Science has developed four key areas of expertise, each with several major thrusts: Food Chemistry, Structure, and Function; Foods for Health; Food Safety and Microbiology; and Food Processing and Technology Development. Centers have been developed around these areas of focus.

For companies, it is easy to establish research projects in the Department of Food Science. Companies may contact the Centers and faculty directly or contact the Administrative Director, Laurie Swift, at (765) 494-6303 to see how best we can fulfill the research needs.

Research and Outreach Centers

The Center for Food Safety Engineering (CFSE) incorporates a large collection of microbiologists in a food science department with other Purdue University areas for the purpose of rapid detection and eradication of foodborne pathogens. The web site is

The world-renowned Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research is a university-industry research center that conducts fundamental research related to practical applications of carbohydrates. The Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research includes faculty from several departments at Purdue. It has a consortium of companies that interact on a research level. Participating companies receive a research investment value of 80 to 1. The Center is named in honor of Roy L. Whistler. The web address is

The Center for Integrated Food Manufacturing (CIFM) has the mission to raise the level of education in automation and process control among food scientists and engineers, and to increase the value of automation to food manufacturers through enhanced productivity, food quality and food safety. This center includes our departments EHEDG testing and approval facilities.  The web site is

The Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center (FPEAC) is committed to developing and promoting innovative strategies that achieve better environmental results, reduce costs, and promote environmental stewardship throughout the Food Processing Industry. The goal of the Center is to become a primary provider of environmental information, resources, and training to assist small and medium sized food processors in achieving environmental compliance and stewardship. The website is

The International Food Technology Center (IFTC) is a food processing-based center designed to link farmers to markets. The Center, housed at Purdue University’s Department of Food Science , is geared to meet the increasing demand for food and economic growth in agriculturally-based developing economies. The Center is based on recognized research and analytical expertise in food production, processing, and marketing, already in place at Purdue. It also involves efforts within and across universities, national and international research centers, private organizations, and industrial food and equipment companies as they relate to advancing food security by enhancing markets for new and traditionally processed (i.e., value-added) foods and reducing food losses. The website is

Signature Areas

Food Chemistry, Structure, and Function

Dr. R.


Dr. Bru

ce Hamaker

Strinivas J


Dr. And

rea Liceaga


Hui-Mei "Amy" Lin

Dr. Lisa Mauer


. Suzanne Nielsen

Dr. Brad Reuh


Dr. Yuan Yao

Foods for Health

Dr. Mario Fe


Dr. Bruce Ha


Dr. Kee-Hong Kim

Dr. Hui-Mei "Amy" Lin

Food Safety and Microbiology

Dr. Bruce Applegate

Dr. Arun


Dr. Amanda De


Dr. Haley Oliver

Dr. Manpreet Singh

Food Processing and Technology Development

Dr. Carlos C


Dr. Christian Butzke

Dr. Brian


Dr. Kevin Keener

Dr. Jozef K


Dr. Lisa Mauer

Dr. Fernanda San Martin

Dr. Qin u

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