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Graduate Application Process

  • Review Admission Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Food Science Graduate Program to determine that all minimum requirements are met prior to applying. Please pay close attention to submission deadlines and criteria.
  • If all minimum requirements are met, complete and submit the Electronic Application to Purdue Graduate School.
  • All required documents, except original transcripts, can be submitted electronically through the online application or sent to the Graduate Admissions Coordinator at address shown on the Admissions Requirements information page.
  • Your documents will be uploaded to the Interdisciplinary Food Science Graduate Website that is maintained for applicant tracking purposes. You will receive an email with "Log In" and "Password" instructions. This website will show which documents have been received and which documents are still needed. You can also track your application and documents in your Electronic Application.
  • Once all required documents are received, your application file will be submitted to the Interdisciplinary Food Science Graduate Committee for review. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks. While your application file is being reviewed by the Graduate Committee the status on the Graduate Website will remain in "Application Incomplete" status.
  • After the Graduate Admissions Coordinator has received your application file from the Graduate Committee after review, you will receive a letter informing you whether your application file has been forwarded for consideration by the faculty. If your file is forwarded, faculty members are informed that a new prospective graduate student’s file has been uploaded to the Graduate Website to review for possible funding. You will not be offered admission to the Interdisciplinary Food Science Graduate Program unless a faculty member offers a research assistantship prior to admission deadlines. Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members with whom they have common research interest.
  • If your application file has been approved to be considered for a research assistantship, your status on the Graduate Website will reflect "Application Complete – Waiting for Funding".
  • As faculty members receive funding for research assistantships through grant approval, they will review approved application files on the Graduate Website. The faculty member will contact me if they find an applicant they feel has the credentials and research interest they seek for their research area. At this point, either the faculty member or I will contact the applicant to discuss the possibility of visiting the Food Science Department.
  • When a faculty member finds a student with whom they feel is a good fit for their research area and lab, typically I am asked to prepare an offer letter that will be sent to the applicant.

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