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Hui-Mei Lin


Dr. Lin has a Ph.D. in the area of starch structure from National Taiwan University. She has done Post-Doctoral fellowship focused on resistant maltodextrin structure with Dr. Jay-lin Jane at Iowa State University and in Dr. Hamaker's lab with starch digestion. She has worked for a number of food and food ingredient companies related to hydrocolloids and flavor in positions ranging from product development to international marketing. Dr. Lin's research interests are starch digestion at the brush border area in the human body and consequential physiology response. The short term goal is to elucidate the relationship between starch structure and gut mucosal alpha-glucosidases digestion. The long term goal is to control the dietary glucose generation and delivery to the human body to benefit human health. Dr. Lin is also devoted to the operations of Whistler Center to technical communicaions, strategic planning and development of partnerships.

General Research Areas
  • Carbohydrates and health
  • Starch chemistry
  • Polysaccharides chemistry
Specific Research Areas
  • Starch digestion at human small intestinal digestive enzymes level
  • Starch utilization system of human colon bacillus
  • Influence of starch hydrolysis on human oral biofilm formation
  • Develop modified starch for controlled digestibility
  • Internal structure of starch granule and fine structure of starch molecules
  • Polysaccharide structure and functionality