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Joseph M K Irudayaraj

Agricultural & Biological Engineering 

  • Professor
  • Associate Professor

Department of Food Sciences 

  • Courtesy Professor of Food Sciences

Awards & Honors

(2099) University Merit Scholarship. College of Agric. Engineering, TNAU.

(2099) David Ross Fellowship. Purdue University.

(1993) Best paper. R. J. Melosh medal awarded by Duke University.

(2002) 1st Prize Poster. American Society for Microbiology poster competition.

(2003) Best paper Honorable mention. ASABE.

(2004) Superior paper award. ASABE.

(2006) Best Paper/Poster award; Honorary mention. ASABE.

(2007) best student poster award. Sigma Xi.

(2008) ASABE Superior paper award. ASABE.

(2010) Best Paper/Poster. ASME-IMECE Microfluidics 2010: Fluidics in Micro Nanosystems.


Irudayaraj, J. M., & Bhandari, P. Nanobubbles for triggered release. U.S. Patent No. IRUD-66920. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Irudayaraj, J. M., & Zhou, Z. ‰Û¢ Chromatin Extraction by Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization and its structure analysis. U.S. Patent No. 2014-IRUD-66768-01. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Irudayaraj, J. M., & Parker, L. A method for detecting specific kinase activity in live cells. U.S. Patent No. PRF Reference number 66128. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Irudayaraj, J. M., & Parker, L. Abl Kinase Phosphorylation in living cells. U.S. Patent No. PRF Reference number 2013-IRUD-66358. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Irudayaraj, J. M., & Cho, I. Sensitive detection of biomolecules and threat agents by signal amplification using nanoparticles. U.S. Patent No. US Application Number: 61/578,283. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Irudayaraj, J. M., Kirchmaier, A., & Lossie, 0. Single cell nanotools for in vivo analysis of chromatin components and gene expression. U.S. Patent No. 65218. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Selected Publications

Irudayaraj, J., & Zhou, Z. (2014). A native chromatin extraction method based on salicylic acid coated magnetic nanoparticles and characterization of chromatin. Analyst, 140(3), 938-944.

Irudayaraj, J. (2014). Detection and quantification of alternative splice sites in Arabidopsis genes AtDCL2 and AtPTB2 with highly sensitive surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and gold nanoparticles. FEBS Letters, 588(9), 1637-1643.

Irudayaraj, J., Cho, I., CHowdhury, B., & Cui, Y. (in press). Detection of 5mC, 5hmC, 5fC, and 5caC using a modified ELISA approach. Anal Chimica Acta.

Irudayaraj, J., Zhou, F., Damayanti, N., & Chen, Y. (2014). Diversity of two forms of DNA methylation in brain. Frontiers in Genetics, 5(46), 23-Jan.

Irudayaraj, J., Craig, A., Franca, A., & Oliveira, L. (2014). Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and near infrared spectroscopy for the quantification of defects in roasted coffee. Talanta, 134, 739-386.

Irudayaraj, J., Lee, K., & Lee, L. (2014). In vivo real-time quantification of intracellular mRNA using plasmon spectroscopy. Nature Nanotechnology, 9(6), 474-480.

Irudayaraj, J., Cho, I., & Mauer, L. (2014). In-situ fluorescent immunomagnetic multiplex detection of foodborne pathogens in low numbers. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 57, 143-148.

Irudayaraj, J., Bhandari, P., Patil, S., & Cho, I. (2014). Membrane filter-assisted surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the rapid detection of E. coli O157:H7 in ground beef. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 64, 171-176.

Irudayaraj, J., Vidi, P., Liu, J., & Lelievre, S. (in press). Nanoscale localization microscopy reveals reduced chromatin mobility in response to DNA damage in single live cells. Journal of Cell Science.

Irudayaraj, J., Liu, J., Vidi, P., Lelievre, S., Jayaraman, S., & WiesmÙller, L. (2014). NuMA promotes homologous recombination repair by regulating the accumulation of the ISWI ATPase SNF2h at DNA breaks. Nucleic Acids Research, 42(10), 6365-6379.

Department of Food Science, 745 Agriculture Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-8256

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