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Christian E Butzke

Department of Food Sciences 

  • Professor of Food Science

Ph.D., Technische Universität Berlin, Germany (1992) 

Biological and chemical parameters affecting wine and brandy quality: fermentation techniques and yeast nutrition, off-odor prevention, aging reactions, cork taint and bottle closures, distillation.

FS 470 Wine Appreciation
SA 316M Experiencing the Food, Wine and Culture of Italy
HORT/FS 590B Commercial Grape and Wine Production

Chairman and Chief Judge, Indy International Wine Competition

Awards & Honors

(2008) Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series Lecturer. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Selected Publications

Butzke, C. E., & Park, S. K. (2011). Impact of Fermentation Rate Changes on Potential Hydrogen Sulfide Concentrations in Wine. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 21(5), 519-524.

Swangkeaw, J., Vichitphan, S., Butzke, C. E., & Vichitphan, K. (2010). Characterisation of a Novel Pichia anomala ß-Glucosidase with Aroma-enhancing Capabilities in Wine.. Annals of Microbiology, 59(2), 335-343.

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