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Top Requested Publications

bullet €‹Forest Improvement Handbook

Healthy forests provide many benefits for private landowners and for society at large. Among these benefits are aesthetic beauty, watershed protection, wildlife habitat, and timber income. Through forest improvement we can protect, sustain, and improve forest health, and achieve landowner goals.
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bullet €‹Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer

This eight-page publication provides guidelines for the design and establishment of food plots including size, shape, location and also lists suggested plant species. Some examples of food plot design are shown as well as food plot soil requirements and planting rates.
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bullet Indiana Forest Price Report and Trend Analysis

A statistical analysis and interpretation of the annual survey of log buyers in Indiana conducted in cooperation with the Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service.
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bullet Identification of Butternuts and Butternut Hybrids

This 11-page PDF publication describes how butternuts, native hardwood trees related to black walnuts, are often hard for landowners to identify, because they are rare and people often are not familiar with them. In addition, many have hybridized with introduced Asian walnuts. Many resource professionals, nut growers, and landowners who want to conserve and manage butternut trees can use this publication to help them locate and propagate these native trees.
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Latest Publications

bullet Commercial Greenhouse and Nursery Production: Alternative    Options for Invasive Landscape Plants

This publication lists potential alternatives to some of the most notorious and damaging invasive plants commonly used in Indiana landscapes. Unlike other resources, this list includes both native and non-native species.
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bullet Lumber from Urban and Construction-Site Trees

For many different reasons, more and more people in larger cities want to reuse urban trees scheduled for removal. People who are part of the "green movement" want to turn urban trees into something more valuable than firewood, mulch, or just trash for the local landfill. This publication describes the pros and cons of using urban trees for lumber, the types of lumber that are economical to produce from urban trees, and how you might find a sawyer who can turn your tree into useable lumber.
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bullet Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced    by Thin Kerf Band Mills

Communities in developing countries have limited budgets for education. This publication describes the process of producing low-cost, durable, attractive school chairs.
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bullet Instalacion de arboles: Proceso y practicas

This is a Spanish-language version of our helpful, how-to guide Tree Installation: Process and Practices, which helps in choosing, planting, and maintaining trees.
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Daniel L. CassensFNR-2543402005Web DownloadBlack Walnut
Scott D. RobertsFNR-FAQ-1361995Web OnlyBlack Walnut
William L. HooverFNR-148-W271995Web OnlyBlack Walnut
Daniel and Victoria CassensFNR-2444842004Web DownloadChristmas Trees
Dan CassensFNR-423-W3762010Web OnlyChristmas Trees
Robert A. McCormick, L. Dorworth & E. BirdFNR-425-W2,4602010Web OnlyClimate Change
R. McCormick & L. DorworthFNR-426-W4102010Web OnlyClimate Change
R. McCormick & L. DorworthFNR-427-W3502010Web OnlyClimate Change
William L. HooverFNR-177-W1632013Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Eva HaviarovaFNR-271-W12002007Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Shorna Broussard and Kristin FloressFNR-269-W2622007Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation, Outdoor Recreation
Daniel Cassens and Rita McKenzieFNR-93782002Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation, Yard & Street Trees
William L. HooverFNR-111-W3382002Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
William L. Hoover and John R. SeifertFNR-138-W1542002Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Daniel CassensFNR-190-W2612001Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Daniel CassensFNR-191-W1442001Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
William L. HooverFNR-FAQ-2-W402008Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
William L. HooverFNR-FAQ-3-W342008Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
W. L. Mills, Jr. and John C. CallahanFNR-91-W3461981Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
L.E. DorworthFNR-2413352004Web OnlyEnvironmental Contaminants
Herbert C. KrauchFNR-69-W5601999Web OnlyFisheries
Sally S. Weeks, George R. Parker, Harmon WeeksCD-FNR-6-CN/A2010$58.50Forest and Plantation Management
Lenny D. FarleeFNR-421-W7702010Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
Ron Rathfon, Mike R. Saunder, and Don StumpFNR-IDNR-4144.452009$5.50Forest and Plantation Management
Ron Rathfon, Doug Jacobs, and Lenny FarleeFNR-IDNR-3620002009$5.50Forest and Plantation Management
FNR-402-W3972008Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
John R. Seifert, Marcus F. Selig, Douglass F. Jacobs, and Robert C. MorrisseyFNR-260-W17002005Web DownloadForest and Plantation Management
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural ResourcesFNR-164-W141998Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
Scott D. RobertsFNR-137-W50001994Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
Scott D. Roberts and George R. ParkerFNR-145-W20001994Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
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