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Top Requested Publications

bullet €‹Forest Improvement Handbook

Healthy forests provide many benefits for private landowners and for society at large. Among these benefits are aesthetic beauty, watershed protection, wildlife habitat, and timber income. Through forest improvement we can protect, sustain, and improve forest health, and achieve landowner goals.
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bullet €‹Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer

This eight-page publication provides guidelines for the design and establishment of food plots including size, shape, location and also lists suggested plant species. Some examples of food plot design are shown as well as food plot soil requirements and planting rates.
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bullet Indiana Forest Price Report and Trend Analysis

A statistical analysis and interpretation of the annual survey of log buyers in Indiana conducted in cooperation with the Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service.
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bullet Identification of Butternuts and Butternut Hybrids

This 11-page PDF publication describes how butternuts, native hardwood trees related to black walnuts, are often hard for landowners to identify, because they are rare and people often are not familiar with them. In addition, many have hybridized with introduced Asian walnuts. Many resource professionals, nut growers, and landowners who want to conserve and manage butternut trees can use this publication to help them locate and propagate these native trees.
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Latest Publications

bullet Commercial Greenhouse and Nursery Production: Alternative Options    for Invasive Landscape Plants

This publication lists potential alternatives to some of the most notorious and damaging invasive plants commonly used in Indiana landscapes. Unlike other resources, this list includes both native and non-native species.
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bullet Lumber from Urban and Construction-Site Trees

For many different reasons, more and more people in larger cities want to reuse urban trees scheduled for removal. People who are part of the "green movement" want to turn urban trees into something more valuable than firewood, mulch, or just trash for the local landfill. This publication describes the pros and cons of using urban trees for lumber, the types of lumber that are economical to produce from urban trees, and how you might find a sawyer who can turn your tree into useable lumber.
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bullet Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by    Thin Kerf Band Mills

Communities in developing countries have limited budgets for education. This publication describes the process of producing low-cost, durable, attractive school chairs.
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bullet Instalacion de arboles: Proceso y practicas

This is a Spanish-language version of our helpful, how-to guide Tree Installation: Process and Practices, which helps in choosing, planting, and maintaining trees.
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4-H-15-80Fifty Trees of IndianaRita McKenzie1980$6.00
4-H-992-WTeaching Wildlife Habitat EvaluationNatalie Carroll, Rod Williams11/2/20101300Web Only
CD-FNR-1Trees of IndianaSally Weeks and George Parker2005$25.00
CD-FNR-2Fifty Trees of Indiana - An interactive tool to identify treesRita McKenzie2004$15.00
CD-FNR-2PFifty Trees of Indiana - CD with an interactive tool to identify trees (10 copies)Rita McKenzie2005$100.00
CD-FNR-3Snakes of the Midwest - this CD focuses on snakes found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin and their behavior, ecology, distribution and other habits.Brian MacGowan and Bruce Kingsbury2005$14.90
CD-FNR-4Fifty Trees of the Midwest - CD with an interactive tool to identify trees (single copy)Rita McKenzie2005$15.00
CD-FNR-406Lumber from Hardwood TreesDaniel L. Cassens2008$25.00
CD-FNR-6-CShrubs of Indiana/Native Trees of the Midwest - Combo PackageSally S. Weeks, George R. Parker, Harmon Weeks2010N/A$58.50
DVD-FNR-266Wildlife CSI: Unraveling the Mysteries of Wildlife Crop DamageBrian MacGowan2006$9.95
FNR-100-WResidential Wood Stove InstallationDaniel L. Cassens1997192Web Only
FNR-101-WTimber Harvesting and Logging Practices for Private WoodlandsP. E. Pope, B. C. Fischer, and D. L. Cassens199310Web Only
FNR-102-WWoodland Wildlife ManagementBrian K. Miller200014663Web Only
FNR-104-WSome Soil fungi Are Beneficial to Tree Seedling GrowthPhillip E. Pope198022Web Only
FNR-109Top Weight Estimates for Sawlog Size Hardwood LumberDaniel L. Cassens1981209$2.00
FNR-111-WMarketing TimberWilliam L. Hoover2002338Web Only
FNR-114-WSpray Equipment CalibrationHarvey A. Holt1988539Web Only
FNR-121-WPathways for People-Trail Design to Minimize Environmental Damage and Enhance User EnjoymentWendy Hultzman and John Hultsman1986187Web Only
FNR-125-WManaging Forest & Wildlife Resources; An Integrated ApproachBrian K. Miller19901853Web Only
FNR-127-WFactors Affecting the Quality of Timber for Face VeneerDaniel L. Cassens19923500Web Only
FNR-130-WQuality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Hardwood Lumber GradesDaniel L. Cassens2001693Web Only
FNR-130-WQuality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Hardwood Lumber Grades Spanish Edition Daniel L. Cassens2001693Web Only
FNR-131-WQuality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Lumber StorageDaniel L. Cassens1992238Web Only
FNR-132-WQuality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Lumber Stress/Casehardening Daniel L. Cassens2002449Web Only
FNR-133-WQuality Control in Lumber Purchasing: Surface, End and Internal CheckingDaniel L. Cassens1992136Web Only
FNR-136-WElectric Fences for Preventing Browse Damage by White-tailed DeerBrian K. Miller, Georgia L. O'Malley, and Richard K. Myers19931456Web Only
FNR-137-WForest Ecosystem Management in IndianaScott D. Roberts19945000Web Only
FNR-138-WTips on How to Get the Most from Your Timber HarvestWilliam L. Hoover and John R. Seifert2002154Web Only
FNR-139-WForests and Our EnvironmentBrian K Miller199315Web Only
FNR-145-WForest Ecosystem Management in the Central Hardwood RegionScott D. Roberts and George R. Parker19942000Web Only
FNR-148-WPredicting Black Walnut PricesWilliam L. Hoover199527Web Only
FNR-149Important Information About Planting Black Walnut In IndianaScott D. Roberts and Walter F. Beineke199723Web Only
FNR-151-WManagement of Forested Wetland Ecosystems in the Central Hardwood RegionScott D. Roberts and Ronald A. Rathfon199654Web Only
FNR-154-WA Brief Survey of Wood AdhesivesCarl A. Eckelman199754Web Only
FNR-155-WSeasoning of WoodCarl A. Eckelman19971322Web Only
FNR-156-WWood Moisture CalculationsCarl A. Eckelman1997602Web Only
FNR-163-WThe Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and Its Effect on FurnitureCarl A. Eckelman1998333Web Only
FNR-164-WIndiana Forest Issues and RecommendationsPurdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources199814Web Only
FNR-165-WBirds of Benton County, IndianaJohn B. Dunning, Jr. and Thomas M. Braile1999501Web Only
FNR-166The Talking Tree, International Society of ArboricultureAl Cherry & Rita McKenzie1996$4.95
FNR-170-WJoint Design Manual for Furniture Frames Constructed of Plywood and Oriented Strand BoardCarl A. Eckelman and Yusuf Z. Erdil20008607Web Only
FNR-173Snakes of Indiana (Available as book or on CD.)Brian MacGowan and Bruce Kingsbury2001$10.00
FNR-174-WMachine Usage in Manufacturing Value-Added Wood ProductsRado Gazo and Richard P. Vlosky2000100Web Only
FNR-175-WAssessing Your Land's Potential for WildlifeBrian K. Miller and Brian J. MacGowan2000254Web Only
FNR-176-WGeneral Services Administration Upholstered Furniture Test Method-FNAE 80-1214: A Description of the Method with DrawingsCarl A. Eckelman and Yusuf Z. Erdil2000750750
FNR-177-W2013 Forest Products Price Report and Trend AnalysisWilliam L. Hoover2013163Web Only
FNR-179-WPerformance Test Method for Intensive Use Chairs-FNEW 83-269: A Description of the Test Method with DrawingsCarl A. Eckelman and Yusuf Z. Erdil2001589Web Only
FNR-180Part 1 - Sustainable Forestry-What Does It Mean for Indiana?Ron Rathfon2001347$2.00
FNR-181Part 2 - Planning for the FutureRon Rathfon and Lenny Farlee2001349$2.00
FNR-182Part 3 - Keeping the Forest Healthy and productiveRon Rathfon and Lenny Farlee2001860$2.00
FNR-183Part 4 - Conserving NatureAllen Pursell and Ron Rathfon2001260$2.00
FNR-184Part 5 - Forests and WaterRon Rathfon, Dan Ernst, and Allen Pursell2001518$2.00
FNR-185Part 6 - Maintaining the Aesthetic Beauty and Enhancing the Recreational and Cultural Values of Your ForestRon Rathfon2001327$2.00
FNR-186Part 7 - Managing for a Diversity of Value-Added Forest ProductsRon Rathfon2001562$2.00
FNR-187Part 8 - Help!Ron Rathfon, William L. Hoover, Dan Ernst, and Allen Pursell2001302$2.00
FNR-190-WBuck Your Logs to NHLA Rules?Daniel Cassens2001261Web Only
FNR-191-WLog and Tree Scaling TechniquesDaniel Cassens2001144Web Only
FNR-193-WThe Basics of Managing Wildlife on Agricultural LandsBrian J. MacGowan and Brian K. Miller20026743Web Only
FNR-194-WFood Plots for White-Tailed DeerBrian J. MacGowan and Dave Osborne2004277Web Only
FNR-195-WPeople Need Trees Poster: Benefits and ValuesRita McKenzie20082979Web Download
FNR-197-WPeople Need Trees Poster: Plant the Right Tree in the Right PlaceRita McKenzie20081751Web Download
FNR-199-WPeople Need Trees Poster: Prune it RightRita McKenzie20082068Web Download
FNR-201-WProtection of Forest Land in IndianaWillliam L. Hoover2002660Web Only
FNR-203-WWhy Do Animals Eat Bark and Wood from Trees and Shrubs?William R. Chaney20035444Web Only
FNR-205Wildlife ID and Equipment Flash CardsRod Williams, and Natalie Carroll20092592$18.00
FNR-210-WPlanting Hardwood Seedlings in the Central Hardwood RegionPaula M. Pijut2003319Web Only
FNR-211-WRegenerating Hardwoods in the Central Hardwood Region: SoilsFelix Ponder, Jr. and Phillip E. Pope2003193Web Only
FNR-212Nursery Production of Hardwood SeedlingsDouglass F. Jacobs2003367$2.00
FNR-213-WDesigning Hardwood Tree Plantings for WildlifeBrian J. MacGowan2003215Web Only
FNR-214-WFinancial and Tax Aspects of Tree PlantingWilliam L. Hoover20041152Web Only
FNR-215Fertilizing, Pruning, and Thinning Hardwood PlantationsJames McKenna and Keith Woeste2004335$2.00
FNR-216Diagnosing and Controlling Wildlife Damage in Hardwood PlantationsJames McKenna and Keith Woeste20053600$2.00
FNR-217Environmental and Management Injury in Hardwood Tree PlantationsJohn Seifert and Keith Woeste20051200$2.00
FNR-218Native Hardwood Trees of the Central Forest RegionPaula M. Pijut2005500$2.00
FNR-219Importance of Hardwood Tree PlantingsDouglass F. Jacobs2006166$2.00
FNR-220Site Preparation for Tree Planting in Agricultural Fields and Hardwood ForestsCharles H. Michler and Ron Rathfon2006166$2.00
FNR-221Diseases in Hardwood Tree PlantingsPaula M. Pijut2006166$2.00
FNR-222A Guide to Legal and Genetic Terminology Used in the Sale of Hardwood Seeds and Planting StockKeith Woeste and Victoria Saker Woeste2006166$2.00
FNR-223Planning the Tree Planting OperationRichard Meilan2006166$2.00
FNR-224Weed Competition Control in Hardwood PlantationsJohn R. Seifert, Marcus F. Selig, and Robert C. Morrissey2007750$2.00
FNR-225Enrichment Planting of OaksRobert C. Morrissey, John Seifert, Nathan King, and Marcus Selig2007580$2.00
FNR-226-WResources and Assistance Available for Planting Hardwood SeedlingsLenny D. Farlee2007846$2.00
FNR-227Insects Affecting Hardwood Tree PlantingsBradley D. Barnd, Paula M. Pijut, and Matthew D. Ginzel2008756Web Only
FNR-229-WCauses of Gummosis in Black Cherry (Prunus serotina)Bradley D. Barnd and Matthew D. Ginzel2008365Web Only
FNR-230-WInvasive Plant Species in Hardwood Tree PlantationsRochelle R. Beasley and Paula M. Pijut20101000Web Only
FNR-235Planting & Care of Fine Hardwood Seedlings: The complete series in binder format (FNR 210-229)Paula Pijut2007846$19.95
FNR-237-WRed and White Mulberry in IndianaSally S. Weeks20032790Web Only
FNR-238-WIndiana's Native MagnoliasSally S. Weeks20034500Web Only
FNR-239-WFactors Affecting the Quality of Hardwood Timber and Logs for Face VeneerDaniel L. Cassens2004752Web Only
FNR-240-WManufacturing Fine Hardwood Face VeneersDaniel L. Cassens20043179Web Only
FNR-241Understanding Why Some Organic Contaminants Pose a Health RiskL.E. Dorworth2004335Web Only
FNR-243Turtles of IndianaBrian MacGowan, Bruce Kingsbury, Rod Williams2004$10.00
FNR-244A Choose-and-Cut Pine and Fir Christmas Tree Case StudyDaniel and Victoria Cassens2004484$2.00
FNR-245-WBrownfields A Rural Community ProblemLeslie Dorworth2004660Web Only
FNR-246-WSize Does Matter - Nest Boxes for WildlifeBrian J. MacGowan, and Brian K. Miller2004458Web Only
FNR-247-WPutting a Little Wildlife in Your Backyard this SpringBrian K. Miller and Brian J. MacGowan20041157Web Only
FNR-248-WAttracting Butterflies to Your YardBrian J. MacGowan, and Brian K. Miller2004516Web Only
FNR-249-WAttracting Hummingbirds to your YardBrian K. Miller and Brian J. MacGowan2004808Web Only
FNR-250-WAre Trees Getting Fat TooWilliam R. Chaney2004438Web Only
FNR-251Status of Reforested Mine Sites in Southwestern IndianaRon Rathfon, Stephen Fillmore, and John Groninger20043700$2.00
FNR-252-WGrowth Retardants - A Promising Tool for Managing Urban TreesWilliam R. Chaney2005500Web Only
FNR-254Laminitis Caused by Black Walnut Wood ResidueDaniel L. Cassens2005340$2.00
FNR-255Storm Water RunoffLinda Prokopy, Robert McCormick, and Adam Reimer2005308$1.25
FNR-256Storm Water and Non-point Source PolutionLinda Prokopy, Robert McCormick, and Adam Reimer2005188$1.25
FNR-257Open Space PlanningLinda Prokopy, Robert McCormick, and Adam Reimer2005210$1.25
FNR-258Abstracts: Managing Wildlife for Sustainable Forests/Managing Forests for Sustainable WildlifeConference Abstracts20051518Web Only
FNR-259-WThe Legendary BoababWilliam R. Chaney2005404Web Only
FNR-260-WNatural Oak Regeneration Following Clearcutting on the Hoosier National Forest John R. Seifert, Marcus F. Selig, Douglass F. Jacobs, and Robert C. Morrissey20051700$2.00
FNR-261Salamanders of IndianaBrian MacGowan and Rod Williams2006$10.00
FNR-263-WHow Baby Bear's Chair Was MadeEva Haviarova20121239Web Download
FNR-264-WTruths and Myths about Wild TurkeyBrian J. MacGowan, Lee A. Humberg, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.20061390Web Only
FNR-265-WCorn and Soybean Crop Depredation by WildlifeBrian J. MacGowan, Lee A. Humberg, James C. Beasley, Travis L. DeVault, Monica I. Retamosa, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.20062074Web Only
FNR-267Identification of Wildlife Crop DepredationMacGowan, Brian; Lee A. Humberg, James C. Beasley, and Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.2006$4.95
FNR-269-WAre Newsletters Effective? Assessing Their Role as a Communication ToolShorna Broussard and Kristin Floress2007262Web Only
FNR-270Wood from Midwestern TreesDaniel L. Cassens, Eva Haviarova, and Sally Weeks20073600$5.00
FNR-271-WWho Does That Job? - A Forestry & Natural Resources Coloring BookEva Haviarova20071200Web Only
FNR-272-WAshDaniel L. Cassens20071300Web Only
FNR-273-WAspenDaniel L. Cassens2007700Web Only
FNR-274-WBasswoodDaniel L. Cassens2007620Web Only
FNR-275-WBeechDaniel L. Cassens2007555Web Only
FNR-276-WBlack CherryDaniel L. Cassens2007623Web Only
FNR-277-WBlack LocustDaniel L. Cassens2007491Web Only
FNR-278-WBlack WalnutDaniel L. Cassens2007773Web Only
FNR-279-WBirchDaniel L. Cassens20071000Web Only
FNR-27-WSome Important Indiana Hardwoods Their Characteristics and UsesDaniel L. Cassens19811000$1.00
FNR-280-WButternutDaniel L. Cassens2007706Web Only
FNR-281-WCoffeetreeDaniel L. Cassens2007563Web Only
FNR-282-WCottonwoodDaniel L. Cassens2007808Web Only
FNR-283-WElmDaniel L. Cassens20071200Web Only
FNR-284-WHackberry/SugarberryDaniel L. Cassens20071000Web Only
FNR-285-WHickory and Pecan SpeciesDaniel L. Cassens20071700Web Only
FNR-286-WHoney LocustDaniel L. Cassens2007682Web Only
FNR-287-WHard or Sugar MapleDaniel L. Cassens2007674Web Only
FNR-288-WRed OakDaniel L. Cassens20071300Web Only
FNR-289-WSassafrasDaniel L. Cassens2007813Web Only
FNR-290-WSoft MapleDaniel L. Cassens2007804Web Only
FNR-291-WSycamoreDaniel L. Cassens2007613Web Only
FNR-292-WWhite OakDaniel L. Cassens20071400Web Only
FNR-293-WYellow-PoplarDaniel L. Cassens2007647Web Only
FNR-298-WBlack Gum and TupeloDaniel L. Cassens2007610Web Only
FNR-299-WBuckeyeDaniel L. Cassens2007642Web Only
FNR-300-WSweetgumDaniel L. Cassens2007686Web Only
FNR-301-WWillowDaniel L. Cassens2007758Web Only
FNR-37-WDrying Small Quantities of Hardwood Lumber-Understanding the Effects of Moisture on WoodDaniel L. Cassens19803000Web Only
FNR-38-WTree Windbreaks for Farms and HomesBrian K. Miller and Brian J. MacGowan200318218Web Only
FNR-401-WSmall woodlots: Important Rest Stops for Migratory SongbirdsDiane L. Packett and John B. Dunning, Jr.2008296Web Only
FNR-402-WPoster Abstracts of the Central Hardwood Forest Conference2008397Web Only
FNR-403-WControlling Moisture Content in Stored LumberDaniel L. Cassens2008230Web Only
FNR-404-WPreventing Wildlife Damage--Do You Need a Permit?Brian MacGowan, Judy Loven, and Fred Whitford2008383Web Only
FNR-405Snakes of the Central and Northeastern United StatesBrian MacGowan2009$15.00
FNR-407Stewart Woods Tree TrailDouglass F. Jacobs2009Web Only
FNR-409-WSmart Growth and Protection of Natural Resources in IndianaRobert McCormick and Leslie Dorworth2009448Web Only
FNR-410-WYellow-Poplar Lumber for Exterior Architectural Applications in New Construction and for Historical RestorationDaniel L. Cassens, Michael O. Hunt, and H. Michael Barnes20091500Web Only
FNR-413The Nature of Teaching: Common Indiana MammalsRobert Chapman, Rod Williams6/2/201010373Web Only
FNR-416-WEmerging Issues in White-tailed Deer Management and ConservationConference Abstracts2009722.12Web Only
FNR-417-WThe Nature of Teaching Unit 1: Animal Diversity and TrackingRod Williams2/11/20101300FNR-417-W
FNR-418-WThe Nature of Teaching, Unit 2: Mammal Food WebsRod Williams2/11/20101015Web Only
FNR-420-WIdentification of Butternuts and Butternut HybridsLenny D. Farlee2010770Web Only
FNR-421-WConservation and Management of Butternut TreesLenny D. Farlee2010770Web Only
FNR-422-WSelecting an Indiana Grown Christmas TreeDan Cassens2010475Web Only
FNR-423-WTips for First-Time Real Christmast TreesDan Cassens2010376Web Only
FNR-424-WStudy Guide for the National FFA Environmental and Natural Resources CDE Identification PracticumRod Williams20105861Web Only
FNR-425-WClimate Change: Are you preparing for it?Robert A. McCormick, L. Dorworth & E. Bird20102,460Web Only
FNR-426-WClimate Change: How will you manage stormwater runoff?R. McCormick & L. Dorworth2010410Web Only
FNR-427-WClimate Change: Where does it fit in your future plans?R. McCormick & L. Dorworth2010350Web Only
FNR-428-PSnakes, Turtles, and Salamanders Combo package (3 Books and CD)Brian MacGowan and Rod Williams2010$44.90
FNR-430-WThe Nature of Teaching, Unit 3: Reptiles, Amphibians, and the Scientific MethodLucas T. Woody, Estelle Coffin, Heather Powell, and Rod Williams20112590Web Only
FNR-431-WThe Nature of Teaching: Eco-llapse Lesson PlanAllison Gordon, Kaeda Boyles, Jessica Callahan, Michael Bradt, and Rod Williams20111080Web Only
FNR-432-WThe Nature of Teaching:Unit4, Mammals and EcosystemsCheryl Van Laeken, Robert Chapman, and Rod Williams20111210Web Only
FNR-433-S-WInstalacion de arboles: Proceso y practicas/Tree Installation: Process and PracticesLindsey Purcell12/4/2014974Web Only
FNR-433-WTree Installation: Process and PracticesLindsey Purcell2011872Web Only
FNR-435Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by Thin Kerf Band MillsDan Cassens2/24/2012$40
FNR-436-WControl of Canada Thistle in CRP and other Noncrop AcreageBrian MacGowan2012501Web Only
FNR-437-WInvasive Plant Species Fact Sheets: Poison HemlockRon Rathfon and Eric Eubank2012635Web Only
FNR-43-WHow to Identify Some Common Indiana WoodsW. L. Fix and Daniel L. Cassens19911040Web Only
FNR-463-WConstruction and Trees: Guidelines for ProtectionLindsey Purcell20111332Web Only
FNR-469Snakes and Lizards of IndianaBrian MacGowan & Rod Williams2012$10.00
FNR-470-WThe Nature of Teaching: Coloration ExplorationRod Williams4/23/20132365Web Only
FNR-471Eastern Hellbender, North America's Giant SalamanderShem Unger & Rod Williams20121341Contact FNR
FNR-472-WThe Nature of Teaching: Unit 5, Ashes to Ashes: We All Grow UpFNR-472-W10/9/20121812Web Only
FNR-473-WTree AppraisalLindsey Purcell2012.61Web Download
FNR-474-WGraffiti Removal From TreesLindsey Purcell10/2012461Web Download
FNR-475-WTree Risk ManagementLindsey Purcell2012479Web Download
FNR-476-WThe Nature of Teaching: Discovering the WatershedDr. Rod Williams4/23/20132314Web Only
FNR-477-WInvasive Plant Species Fact Sheets: Japanese Chaff FlowerRon Rathfon and Eric Eubank20131040Web Only
FNR-478Appreciating Reptiles and Amphibians in NatureBrian MacGowan & Rod Williams5/20131310Web Download
FNR-480-WForest Management for Reptiles and Amphiians: A Technical Guide for the MidwestJami McNeil, Brian MacGowan, Andrea Currylow & Rod Williams5/20132181Web Download
FNR-481-WInvasive Plant Series: Mile-a-minute VineRon Rathfon2013602Free Download
FNR-482-WInvesting in Indiana WoodlandsWilliam L. Hoover9/2013679kbFree Download
FNR-483-WDrought? Don't Forget the TreesLindsey Purcell2013694Web Only
FNR-484-WWinterize Your TreesLindsey Purcell2013642.31Web Only
FNR-485-WRanavirus: Emerging Threat to AmphibiansJason T. Hoverman2014537Web Only
FNR-486-WHow to Build a Plastic Mesh Deer Exclusion FenceLenny D. Farlee, Brian Beheler, Don Carlson, James McKenna20141090Web Only
FNR-488-WAdoption of Agricultural Conservation Practices: Insights from Research & PracticeLinda Prokopy, Dan Towery and Nicholas Babin20141188Web Only
FNR-489-WIndiana's Urban WoodlotsLindsey Purcell  and Lenny Farlee20142478Web Only
FNR-490-WUrban Wood and Traditional Wood: A Comparison of Properties and UsesDan Cassens, Edith Makra9/24/20143290Web Only
FNR-492-WMechanical Damage to Trees: Mowing and Maintenance EquipmentLindsey Purcell20141.07 MBWeb Only
FNR-493Light-Timber Frames for Transitional Distaster-Relief HousingEva Haviarova10/14/20141140Web Only
FNR-494-WWildlife Habitat Education Program - Teaching and Learning Wildlife Management PracticesBrian MacGowan11/3/20141820Web Only
FNR-495-WMarine Shrimp Biofloc Systems: Basic Management PracticesRobert A. Rode11/17/2014173Web Download Only
FNR-498-APPSoundscape Recorder (iOS app)Bryan C Pijanowski2014Free App
FNR-498-APP-ASoundscape Recorder (Android app)Bryan C Pijanowski2014Free App
FNR-499-WHow to Build a Simple Chair for Schools or Homes in Disadvantaged Areas of the World Using Local Resources and Low-End TechnologyEva Haviarova, Carl A. Eckelman20151460Web Only
FNR-4-WHow to Make and Use the Tree Measuring StickW. L. Fix1978999Web Only
FNR-69-WFish Kills in Indiana-Their Causes and PreventionHerbert C. Krauch1999560Web Only
FNR-79-WWood for Home HeatingDaniel L. Cassens19931685Web Only
FNR-84Hardwood Log Grades and Lumber Grades: Is There a Relationship?Daniel L. Cassens and Burnell C. Fischer19781000$1.00
FNR-85-WForest Pest Control PerspectiveHarvey A. Holt and Michael Newton1987897Web Only
FNR-86-WThe Economics of Timber Stand ImprovementW. L. Mills, Jr. and Burnell C. Fischer19802000Web Only
FNR-88-WForestry and Water Quality: Pollution Control PracticesP. E. Pope1993965Web Only
FNR-89-WCriteria for Evaluating Forestry Activities in Relation to Water Quality ManagementP. E. Pope1978953Web Only
FNR-90Sap Stain in Hardwood Logs and LumberDaniel L. Cassens1991287$2.00
FNR-91-WFinancial Maturity: A Guide to When Trees Should Be HarvestedW. L. Mills, Jr. and John C. Callahan1981346Web Only
FNR-93-WUse of Urban and Development Site Trees for LumberDaniel Cassens and Rita McKenzie200278Web Only
FNR-93-WLumber from Urban and Construction-Site TreesLindsey Purcell, Dan Cassens4/7/2015828Web Download
FNR-FAQ-1Facts About Black WalnutScott D. Roberts199536Web Only
FNR-FAQ-10-WWhite Pine and Salt ToleranceRita McKenzie2000607Web Only
FNR-FAQ-11-WWhy Is My Tree Dying?Lindsey Purcell2012916Web Only
FNR-FAQ-12-WTrees and StormsLindsey Purcell2013897Web Only
FNR-FAQ-13-WWhy Hire an Arborist?Rita McKenzie2000186Web Only
FNR-FAQ-14-WWhat's Wrong with Topping Trees?Rita McKenzie2000194Web Only
FNR-FAQ-15-WIndiana Farmland Provides Rest and Forage for Arctic TravelersJulia K. Mast and Dr. John B. Dunning, Jr.2000117Web Only
FNR-FAQ-15-WIndiana Farmland Provides Rest & Forage for Arctic TravelersJulie Mast & John B. Dunning, Jr.2000116Web Download
FNR-FAQ-17-WDoes Night Lighting Harm Trees?William R. Chaney2002153Web Only
FNR-FAQ-19-WTrees Need a Proper Start - Prune Them rightRita McKenzie and Harvey Holt2005473Web Only
FNR-FAQ-2-WDetermining Tax Basis of TimberWilliam L. Hoover199540Web Only
FNR-FAQ-3-WHow to Treat Timber Sale IncomeWilliam L. Hoover199534Web Only
FNR-FAQ-5-WWhy Leaves Change Color - The Physiological BasisWilliam R. Chaney1997108Web Only
FNR-FAQ-6-WShould Newly Planted Trees Be Staked and Tied?William R. Chaney199772Web Only
FNR-FAQ-9-WTrees and LightningRita McKenzie2000364Web Only
FNR-IDNR-36Planting Forest Trees and Shrubs in IndianaRon Rathfon, Doug Jacobs, and Lenny Farlee20092000$4.00
FNR-IDNR-414Forest Improvement HandbookRon Rathfon, Mike R. Saunder, and Don Stump20094.45$5.00
ID-275-WTax Treatment of Conservation EasementsWilliam L. Hoover200293Web Only
ID-347-WSources of Wood and Wood Residues for Energy Production in IndianaIsaac Slaven; Eva Haviarova, Klein Ileleji2012482Web Download
ID-421-WProperties of Wood Waste Stored for Energy ProductionIsaac Slaven, Eva Haviarova, and Daniel Cassens2010398Web Only
ID-464-WCommercial Greenhouse and Nursery Production: Alternative Options for Invasive Landscape PlantsRosie Lerner, Kyle Daniel, Lindsey Purcell4/13/2015579Web Download
Link to "Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces" on The Education StoreEnhancing the Value of Public SpacesKara Salazar, Michael Wilcox 4/7/201513000$25 for ZIP file download, $50 for Print-on-Demand curriculum and ZIP file download
MP-903Quail-Friendly Plants of the MidwestScott Sudkamp, Robert N. Chapman, and Robert A. Pierce II2008Web Only
NCR-132-WFinishing Exterior Plywood, Hardboard and ParticleboardDaniel L. Cassens and William C. Feist1988200Web Only
NCR-133-WPaint Failure Problems and Their CureDaniel L. Cassens and William C. Feist1988226Web Only
NCR-134-WDiscoloration of House Paint-Causes and CuresDaniel L Cassens and William C. Feist1988209Web Only
NCR-135-WSelection and Application of Exterior Finishes for WoodDaniel L. Cassens and William C. Feist1988318Web Only
NCR-136-WFinishing and Maintaining Wood FloorsDaniel L. Cassens and William C. Feist1988604Web Only
PTR AgroForAgroforestry Development Posters in Spanish based on SUCO's Machete VerdeWilliam L. Hoover2002718Request by Email:
V-FNR-4Restoring Wetlands on Your Property (Video)2003$15.00