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Top Requested Publications

bullet €‹Tips for First-Time Buyers of Real Christmas Trees

If you have never purchased and set up a real, live Christmas tree, but are considering it because you're thinking "green", you are not alone. Tree growers are seeing more interest in real trees. However, before you buy, you should think about how you are going to set up and care for that tree-and about how you will dispose of it. This three-page PDF is designed to help keep the purchase and set-up process and exciting event that will develop memories and traditions to last a lifetime.
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bullet €‹The Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and Its Effect on Furniture

The dimensional changes that accompany the shrinking and swelling of wood are major sources of both visual and structural problems in furniture. This publication addresses these problems and how to reduce them.
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bullet Red and White Mulberry in Indiana

Distinguishing red and white mulberry can be difficult. This publication explains the differences of red and white mulberry and how to identify them. The publication also describes similar species.
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bullet Identification of Butternuts and Butternut Hybrids

This 11-page PDF publication describes how butternuts, native hardwood trees related to black walnuts, are often hard for landowners to identify, because they are rare and people often are not familiar with them. In addition, many have hybridized with introduced Asian walnuts. Many resource professionals, nut growers, and landowners who want to conserve and manage butternut trees can use this publication to help them locate and propagate these native trees.
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Latest Publications

bullet Trees and Electric Lines

For us to have both trees and electrical lines, those two things must share space where they sometimes conflict with each other. This publication outlines the issues surrounding the conflict between trees and electrical utility lines as well as ways to avoid that conflict.
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bullet Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program: Preparing For the Wildlife Challenge: WHEP

The Wildlife Challenge was incorpated into the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) Career Development Event (CDE) in 2014. The Wildlife Challenge combines general wildlife knowledge and identification. This publication explains the format of the Wildlife Challenge, offers direction on where to find key information, and provides flashcards to help youth practice wildlife identification.
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bullet Tree Pruning Essentials

Pruning has been called "one of the best, worst maintenance practices" performed on trees. The process creates wounds, which have a major impact on plant processes. Improper cutting on a tree causes severe damage or even death. To prune properly, it is important to understand both the proper techniques and how the tree responds to pruning. This publication explains all the basic information you need to understand and begin pruning.
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bullet Breeding Birds and Forest Management: the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment and the Central Hardwoods Region

This publication summarizes the effects of forest management on bird species in the Midwest based on data collected as part of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE) in southern Indiana and other studies. We hope this summary provides a basis for understanding interactions between forest management and forest birds as well as guidelines for bird-friendly forest management in Indiana.
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Daniel and Victoria CassensFNR-2444842004Web DownloadChristmas Trees
Dan CassensFNR-423-W3762010Web OnlyChristmas Trees
Robert A. McCormick, L. Dorworth & E. BirdFNR-425-W2,4602010Web OnlyClimate Change
R. McCormick & L. DorworthFNR-426-W4102010Web OnlyClimate Change
R. McCormick & L. DorworthFNR-427-W3502010Web OnlyClimate Change
William L. HooverFNR-177-W1632013Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Eva HaviarovaFNR-271-W12002007Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
Shorna Broussard and Kristin FloressFNR-269-W2622007Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation, Outdoor Recreation
Daniel Cassens and Rita McKenzieFNR-93782002Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation, Yard & Street Trees
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William L. Hoover and John R. SeifertFNR-138-W1542002Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
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Daniel CassensFNR-191-W1442001Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
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William L. HooverFNR-FAQ-3-W342008Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
W. L. Mills, Jr. and John C. CallahanFNR-91-W3461981Web OnlyEconomics, Marketing & Taxation
L.E. DorworthFNR-2413352004Web OnlyEnvironmental Contaminants
Herbert C. KrauchFNR-69-W5601999Web OnlyFisheries
Sally S. Weeks, George R. Parker, Harmon WeeksCD-FNR-6-CN/A2010$58.50Forest and Plantation Management
Lenny D. FarleeFNR-421-W7702010Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
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Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural ResourcesFNR-164-W141998Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
Scott D. RobertsFNR-137-W50001994Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
Scott D. Roberts and George R. ParkerFNR-145-W20001994Web OnlyForest and Plantation Management
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