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 TREE Fund

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About the TREE Fund

The Indiana Arborist Association sponsors The Tree Research and Education Endowment fund (TREE Fund). This is a charitable organization dedicated to identifying and funding projects and programs that advance knowledge in the field of arboriculture and urban forestry to benefit people, trees and the environment.


Tour des Trees 2012

The TREE Fund produces two major fundraising events each year and is the beneficiary of several great events produced by other organizations and companies. These events are not only fun -- they raise awareness of our mission and are a critical part of our diverse funding stream. Details here for 2012.​​​​

Tree Fund Chapter Achiever Awards Plaques.
TREE Fund Chapter
 Achiever Awards.

Tour des Trees

Lindsey Purcell Comments on the Tour des Trees 2008: After months of preparation for the Tour des Trees, which included fundraising and training every week, doubting if it really was worth it, the answer came to me clearly on Monday, July 21. Over 60 riders from all over the U.S. were buzzing around downtown Indianapolis ready to “wander Indiana” and see what we had to offer. All of these riders, with the same purpose and passion, pedaling around Monument Circle, taking laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, struggling through the hills of Brown County and enjoying the landscape of Southern Indiana, found out there is more than corn in our state. I journeyed 300 miles with my peers, colleagues and friends, proud of my profession and my state. Yes, it is worth it and I would recommend doing it to anyone with enthusiasm for trees and a crazy sense of adventure. Click on the links below for pictures of the tour.​

Tour Des Trees July 25
Tour Des Trees New Harmony
Tour Des Trees July 24
Tour Des Trees July 23
Tour Des Trees July 22
Tour Des Trees July 21​​​​​​