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May 9, 2016                                              (PDF 79.3KB)



The Office of Student Services wishes you a restful and productive break. I trust each of you have secured a volunteer or paid position in the natural resources field. Be sure to write down the skills and knowledge that you are demonstrating in your summer experiences. This information will be helpful as we add to your résumé next fall. The Pines & Needles e-newsletter will begin again the week prior to beginning of fall classes. The OSS is open throughout the summer; please let us know if there is any way we can assist you. 


  From AgCareers by Erika Osmundson & Ashley Collins Landing an internship and showing up to work isn’t enough to get the most from an internship! What you do during the internship and following your internship can make it even more meaningful than just gaining work experience. Internships are an ideal way for young professionals to decipher what they truly want to do upon graduation and also build tools for future success. Obviously gaining work experience and the opportunity to work on business projects provides invaluable learning and experience that can be taken into future career opportunities. However, internships can be equally valuable in building a professional network, career/skill development, personal growth, and solidifying a career for the future. It is these peripheral aspects that students don’t take advantage of during their internship that can be an internship’s biggest asset. Here are five easy things that can make an internship invaluable. Click HERE​ to learn about the five tips.


Date ​Event ​Location ​Time
May 8-June 11 ​FNR Summer Practicum ​Iron River, MI​ ​-
​May 14 ​Agriculture Reception and Spring Commencement ​Shively Suites Elliott Hall of Music ​10:30a – 12:30p 2:30p
​May 16 ​Summer Session Begins ​- ​-
​May 30 Memorial Day ~No Classes​ ​- -​
​June 17-19 ​Environmental Education Association of Indiana Conference ​Earlham College ​-
​June 22-26 ​22nd International Symposium on Society and Resource Management ​Houghton, MI ​-
​July 4 ​Independence Day ~No Classes ​- ​-
​August 5-21 ​Indiana State Fair ​Indianapolis, IN ​-
​August 6 ​Summer Commencement ​Elliott Hall of Music ​TBD
​August 16-20 ​Boiler Gold Rush ​Purdue ​-
​August 21-25 ​American Fisheries Society 146th Annual Meeting ​Kansas City, MO ​-
​August 22 ​Fall Classes Begin ​- ​-
 ~~ CCO is the Center for Career Opportunities ~~ 
~~ The FNR Graduate Seminars are open to any student-graduate or undergraduate ~~

Job Postings 
Below is a list of postings from the last week. Visit the FNR Job Board for the full listing of openings.

​Title ​Employer ​City ​State ​Degree Required ​Deadline ​Link
​Project Manager ​Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc. ​Willoughby ​OH ​B.S. Required ​5/27/2016 Project Manager
​Forester ​USDA, Forest Service, Kootenai National Forest ​Eureka ​MT ​B.S. Required ​5/14/2016 Forester
​Forester ​Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry ​Multiple ​TN ​B.S. Required ​5/17/2016 Forester
​M.Sc. in Tropical Freshwater Community Ecology ​Utah State University, Spatial Community Ecology Laboratory ​Guanacaste ​Costa Rica ​B.S. Required ​5/15/2016 ​M.Sc. in Tropical Freshwater Community Ecology
​M.S. in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development ​University of Georgia, School of Ecology ​Athens ​GA ​B.S. Required ​6/3/2016 M.S. in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development
​Wildlife Scientist ​Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ​Saint Petersburg ​FL ​B.S. Required ​6/17/2016 Wildlife Scientist
​Storm water and Water Resources Communications Supervisor ​Thurston County, Resources Stewardship's Water Resources Division ​Thurston County ​WA ​B.S. Required ​5/17/2016 Storm water and Water Resources Communications Supervisor
​Graduate Research Assistantship ​University of Missouri ​Columbia ​MO ​Graduate Assistantships ​6/4/2016 ​Graduate Research Assistantship
​Graduate Research Assistantship ​Clemson University ​Clemson ​SC ​Graduate Assistantships ​6/4/2016 ​Graduate Research Assistantship
​Graduate Research Assistantship ​University of Missouri, Department of Forestry ​Columbia ​MO ​Graduate Assistantships ​6/4/2016 Graduate Research Assistantship
​Research Assistantships in Freshwater Ecology ​University of Mississippi ​University ​MS ​Graduate Assistantships ​6/3/2016 Research Assistantships in Freshwater Ecology
​Tree Growth Assistantship ​University of Arkansas at Monticello, School of Forestry & Natural Resources ​Monticello ​AR ​Graduate Assistantships ​8/16/2016 Tree Growth Assistantship
​Lab Technician ​Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources ​West Lafayette ​IN ​No Degree Required ​9/1/2016 Lab Technician
​Horticulture Internship ​Walt Disney Company ​Orlando ​FL ​No Degree Required ​6/3/2016 Horticulture Internship
​Wildlife Specialist ​USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services ​Multiple ​ID ​No Degree Required ​5/9/2016 ​Wildlife Specialist
​Assistant Fishing Program Coordinator ​Indiana Department of Natural Resources ​Indianapolis ​IN ​No Degree Required ​5/9/2016 ​Assistant Fishing Program Coordinator
​Outreach Internship ​Purdue university, College of Agriculture, Office Multicultural Programs ​West Lafayette ​IN ​No Degree Required ​5/10/2016 Outreach Internship
​Summer Help ​Purdue University, Teaching Hospital ​West Lafayette ​IN ​No Degree Required ​5/9/2016 Summer Help
​Postdoctoral Research Position(s) ​USGS, Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center ​Bozeman ​MT ​Ph.D. Required ​6/3/2016 ​Postdoctoral Research Position(s)
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