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Molecular Tree Physiology Lab

​​Molecular Tree Physiology Lab

The Molecular Tree Physiology Lab is a 1,500-ft2 molecular genetics laboratory in the newly constructed addition to the David C. Pfendler Hall of Agriculture on the Purdue University (PU) campus.  The lab is equipped with: 4- and 8-ft laminar flow hoods; refrigerator; standard and ultra-low freezers; fluorescently lit tissue-culture growth space (free shelving and incubator); BioRad gene gun with vacuum pump; SPEX freezer mill (model 6750); two MJR thermocylcers; high-speed, refrigerated centrifuge (Beckman model J2-21M, with four rotors); refrigerated centrifuge trap; two micro-centrifuges; two pH meters; three water baths; two Precision vacuum ovens; Digi-Doc gel documentation system; two digital balances; Labconco freeze drier; Barnstead NanoPureII water purification system; Reichert cryostat microtome; scanning spectrophotometer (Beckman DU-70); NanoDrop spectrophotometer (ND-1000); dishwasher; and all other minor equipment needed to undertake molecular biology research.  Professor Meilan also has use of a 4,750-ft2 forest genetics lab where there are three LiCor 4200, Beckman Coulter CEQ 2000 XL, and two Perkin-Elmer 377 gene sequencers; Autogen 2000 DNA extractor; four ultra-low temperature freezers; Eagle Eye II gel reader; walk-in cold room (4 ºC); and fluorometric plate reader.

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Research Projects

Research Faculty
Meilan, Rick

Lab Manager
Nathan Hilliard
MTPL & FESSL Lab Manager
Dept. of Forestry & Natural Resources
715 W. State Street
West Lafayette IN 47907-2061
Telephone: 765-494-3569
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