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Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Research


Pine Creek

Faculty in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources conduct research and engagement projects that further the missions of the following centers:

Center for the Environment
The Center for the Environment was established with the goal of examining how to protect the environment while sustaining a global economy. Researchers at the center study ways to model and predict the impact of activity on ecosystems, monitor environmental quality, manage natural resources and develop technologies that will help create a cleaner environment along with a strong economy.

Center for Advanced Manufacturing
The Center for Advanced Manufacturing serves as the central point of contact at Purdue University on a wide range of manufacturing issues and linking existing and emerging businesses with researchers on campus. Our faculty members collaborate within and across disciplines, assisting industrial clients and furthering general knowledge in their fields.

Natural Resources Leadership Development Institute
The goal of the Natural Resources Leadership Institute is to develop leaders within the natural resources communities who can build collaborative relationships with others around contentious issues. NRLDI is sponsored by the Department of Forestry & Natural Resources at Purdue University, in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Purdue Center for Regional Development (PICES)
The Purdue Center for Regional Development will foster Indiana becoming the nation’s leader in supporting creative, regional approaches to development. It provides a port of entry to Purdue’s research, technology, and expertise in regional development.​

Purdue Climate Change Research Center
The Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC) was chartered in 2004 to create a world-class multidisciplinary research center focused on interrelated aspects of climate change, its impacts, and mitigation.

Purdue Interdisciplinary Center for Ecological Sustainability
PICES emphasis is on sustainability of natural resources, population biology of natural systems, and conservation biology. It is a joint center between the departments of Animal Sciences, Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Botany & Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Forestry & Natural Resources at Purdue.​

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