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Tamara J Benjamin

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

  • Asst Program Ldr & Diversified Ag Spec

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Scientist
Lilly Hall Room I-422
915 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Scientist

Purdue Extension - FNR Extension

Since the year 2000, Tamara has been posted in Costa Rica as a Purdue employee working to create bridges for the university with activities in Latin America through CATIE, an internationally known regional institution that focuses on forestry and agricultural systems. Her focus has been on providing internship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students throughout Latin America, coordinating and teaching study abroad programs in Costa Rica, and collaborating with Purdue University faculty on research projects in the region. Her research has covered the biophysical, social and economic implications of agroecosystem diversification, the impact of agroecosystems on ecological communities, and the management of agroforestry planning. She has worked on a variety of topics covering functional diversity in agroforestry, biofuels, biochar and other soil amendments, phytosanitary issues in the export market and biodiversity conservation.

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