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Diana J Evans

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Extension Information Coordinator/Web & Communication Producer
FORS Room 107
195 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, In 47907-2033

Purdue Extension - FNR Extension

As the Extension Information Coordinator for the department Diana brings forestry and natural resources into one location for quick responses to worldwide requests. She shares resources and collaborates with the state-wide community and the Purdue community. Sharing publications, videos, scheduled workshops, teaching material and “how to” articles from our Purdue scientists, researchers and specialists are just a few of the resources she provides. She has designed and shares many resources to professionals, students, prospective students and outdoor enthusiasts with the Department Got Nature? blog site.

As the web and communication producer she develops, designs and shares information for the Department web site along with research web sites. She ensures easy user interface design and usability working in SharePoint, WordPress, PHP/MYSQL environments.