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Eva Haviarova

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Associate Professor of Wood Products
FPRD Room 111A
175 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Forest Products Industry Assistance

Emerging Furniture Design Challenges and Product Development

Small Diameter Timber Utilization and Product Development


FNR 419 Furniture Cabinet Design and Manufacture (spring, 3 cr.)

FNR 230 The World’s Forests and Society (fall, 3 cr.), see instructions below to view description. 

FNR 498 Forestry and Forest Products in Latin America (spring, 1 cr.), see instructions below to view description.

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Eva Haviarova is presently Assistant Professor of Wood Products Engineering and Furniture Strength Design in Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University. She is responsible for teaching “Furniture and Cabinet Design and Manufacturing” and “ World Forests and Society” courses.

Dr. Haviarova is conducting research in areas of Furniture Strength Design and Product Engineering; Direction for Emerging Furniture Design Challenges; Design and Development of Low Cost Furniture for Underprivileged; and Frame Design for Upholstered Furniture. Through her outreach activities she is working on forest products industry promotion projects. She is also a director of The Wood Research Laboratory. She authored or coauthored more than 45 publications and over 70 professional presentations on the subject of forest products, furniture design, and manufacturing.

Dr. Haviarova received her M.S. in Wood Processing & Furniture Design in 1992 from the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia , where she researched alternative natural materials and taught a course of aesthetic principles and use of natural materials in furniture production. After completing her Master's degree, she worked as an Industrial Engineer in a French-Slovak joint venture furniture company where she was in charge of scheduling production and quality control. She also received a Ph.D. in Furniture Design & Manufacturing from Purdue University. She designed, built, tested, and structurally analyzed school furniture for production and use in developing countries. She researched practical and environmentally friendly solutions for use of wood materials and their residues for furniture construction.

Research Group - Wood Products and Wood Products Manufacturing

Areas of Excellence - Sustainable Hardwood Ecosystems

Facilities - Wood Research Laboratory

Related Centers - Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Indiana Forest Products Community, Purdue Center for Regional Development

Awards & Honors

(2009) President’s Award. Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association.

(2008) Elected Board Director, Society of Wood Science and Technology. Society of Wood Science and Technology.

(2008) Elected Chair, Ohio Valley Section of Forest Products Society. Ohio Valley Section of Forest Products Society.

(2008) Elected Regional Board Member, Forest Product Society East Central Section. Forest Product Society.

(2004) The 2004 Under the Cover Upholstery Design Contest. Upholstery Design and Management.

(2000) Woodworkers Helping Others - Humanitarian Award. 2000 Midvest Extravaganza, Michgan.

Selected Publications

Koreny, A., Simek, M., Eckelman, C. A., & Haviarova, E. (2013). Mechanical Properties of Knock-down Joints in Honeycomb Panels. BioResources, 8(4), 4873-4882. Retrieved from

Haviarova, E., Bois, J., & Quesada, H. P. (2013). Development of Optimal Forest Products Supported by LCA. International Scientific Conference of Hardwood Processing, Florence Italy, 6.

Likos, E., Eckelman, C. A., Haviarova, E., Erdil, Y., & Ozcifci, A. (2013). Static versus Cyclic Load Capacity of Side Chairs Constructed with. Mortise and Tenon Joints.. Wood and Fiber Science, 45(2), 1-6. Retrieved from

Kasal, A., Haviarova, E., Efe, H., Eckelman, C. A., & Erdil, Y. (2013). Effect of adhesive type and tenon size on bending moment capacity and rigidity of t-shaped furniture joints constructed of Turkish beech and scots pine.. Wood and Fiber Science, 45(3), 287-293.

Haviarova, E. (2012). Wood, the Most Interesting, Innovative and the Best Material for our Society. Sustainable Development of Wood and Biomass - Wood and Agri Fiber Culture, 1-8.

Haviarova, E., & Zhao, F. (2012). LCA Supported Sustainable Product Development for Furniture Industry. The Role of Wood in a Sustainable Society.

Licos, E., Haviarova, E., Eckelman, C. A., Erdil, Y. Z., & Ozcifci, A. (2012). Effect of Tenon Geometry, Grain Orientation, and Shoulders on Bending Moment Capacity of Mortise and Tenon Joints. Wood and Fiber Science, 43(4), 462-469.

Licos, E., Eckelman, C. A., Haviarova, E., Erdil, Y. Z., & Ozcifci, A. (2012). Static Versus Cyclic Load Capacity of Side Chairs Constructed with Mortise and Tenon Joints. Wood and Fiber Science, 45(2), 1-6. Retrieved from

Eckelman, C. A., & Haviarova, E. (2011). Withdrawal Capacity of Joints Constructed with 9.5-mm and 15.9-mm Through-Bolts and Nominal Diameter 15-mm and 25-mm Pipe-Nut Connectors.. Forest Products Journal, 61(3), 257-264.

Haviarova, E., & Eckelman, C. A. (2011). Light-Timber Frames for Transitional Disaster Relief Housing, 1-8.