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Douglass F Jacobs

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Fred M van Eck Professor of Forest Biology
  • Associate Head Research
PFEN Room 221F
715 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Dr. Douglass Jacobs' Regeneration and Restoration Silviculture Laboratory

Research Group - Forest Biology

Facilities - Forest Ecology, Soils, and Silviculture Lab, John S. Wright Center

Areas of Excellence - Sustaining Hardwood Ecosystems

Related Centers - Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center

Purdue Extension -
FNR Extension

Douglass F. Jacobs is the Fred M. van Eck Professor of Forest Biology and Associate Head in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University. His research interests are in the reforestation and restoration of forest trees, with emphasis on understanding the eco-physiology of forest regeneration in response to management and environmental stress.  His research group focuses on themes including nursery propagation of native forest trees and seedling quality, site preparation and plantation establishment, use of physiological tools to understand developmental mechanisms in trees, and the restoration of threatened species.  He is among the principal scientists comprising the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center at Purdue University, a collaborative research, development, and technology transfer effort between industry, university, private, state, and federal entities.  Dr. Jacobs teaches courses in Dendrology, Forest Regeneration, and summer forestry field practicum.  Since 2010, he has served as Editor-in-Chief of New Forests, an international journal on the biology, biotechnology, and management of afforestation and reforestation. In 2011, Dr. Jacobs was named a Purdue University Faculty Scholar, an award recognizing outstanding faculty members on an accelerated path for academic distinction. In 2012, he was named the Fred M. van Eck Endowed Chair of Forest Biology.

Awards & Honors

(2012) Fred M. van Eck Endowed Chair of Forest Biology. Purdue University.

(2011) Faculty Scholar. Purdue University.

(2010) Editor-in-Chief. New Forests.

(2009) Associate Editor. Annals of Forest Science.

(2008) Visiting Professor Fellowship. Technological University of Madrid, Spain.

Selected Publications

Jacobs, D. F., Dalgleish, H. J., & Nelson, C. D. (2013). A conceptual framework for restoration of threatened plants: the effective model of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) reintroduction.. New Phytologist, 197, 378-393.

Oliet, J. A., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Restoring forests: advances in techniques and theory. New Forests, 408, 535-541.

Sloan, J. L., & Jacobs, D. F. (2013). Fertilization at planting influences seedling growth and vegetative competition on a post-mining boreal reclamation site. New Forests, 44, 687-701.

Gauthier, M. M., Zellers, K. E., Löf, M., & Jacobs, D. F. (2013). Inter- and intra-specific competitiveness of plantation-grown American chestnut (Castanea dentata). Forest Ecology and Management, 291, 289-299.

Goodman, R. C., Pardillo, G., Oliet, J. A., & Jacobs, D. F. (2013). Nitrogen fertilization of black walnut (Juglans nigra) during plantation establishment. Morphology and production efficiency. Forest Science, 59, 453-463.

Villar-Salvador, P., Peñuelas, J. L., & Jacobs, D. F. (2013). Nitrogen nutrition and drought hardening exert opposite effects on the stress tolerance of Pinus pinea L. seedlings. Tree Physiology, 33, 221-232.

Haase, D. L., & Jacobs, D. F. (2013). Nutrient dynamics of planted forests. New Forests, 44, 629-633.

Burney, O. T., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Terpene production and growth of three Pacific Northwest conifers in response to simulated browse and nutrient availability. Trees: Structure and Function, 26, 1331-1342.

Franklin, J. A., Zipper, C., Burger, J., Skousen, J., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Influence of herbaceous ground cover on forest restoration of eastern US coal surface mines.. New Forests, 43, 905-924.

Lof, M., Dey, D. C., Navarro, R. M., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Mechanical site preparation for forest restoration. New Forests, 43, 825-848.