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Douglass F Jacobs

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Fred M van Eck Professor of Forest Biology
PFEN Room 221E
715 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Douglass F. Jacobs is a Professor and University Faculty Scholar in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University. Dr. Jacobs’ research focuses on development of forest trees during juvenile stages, with emphasis on temperate deciduous species. He is among the principal investigators comprising the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center at Purdue University.  With international colleagues, Dr. Jacobs has developed new methods of seedling nursery propagation, physiological testing, and plantation establishment to improve success of reforestation and restoration projects.

Since 2001, Dr. Jacobs has directed 18 graduate students, 7 post-doctoral scientists, 7 research associates, and 5 international visiting scientists. He has been associated with over $5.1 million in grant funding, with more than $3.5 million as principal investigator. Dr. Jacobs has authored or co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed research journal articles and has delivered over 100 presentations on his research across many countries. He is Editor-in-Chief of New Forests, an international journal on the biology, biotechnology, and management of afforestation and reforestation.

Dr. Jacobs received his B.A. in Ecology from Emory University in 1993, his M.S. in Forestry from the University of Georgia in 1998, and his Ph.D. in Forestry from Oregon State University in 2001. He joined the faculty at Purdue in 2001 as an Assistant Professor, and was subsequently promoted to Associate Professor (2006) and Professor (2011). During 2008-2009, he worked as a Visiting Professor at the School of Forest Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Montes) at the Technological University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) in Spain.

Dr. Jacobs was selected by Purdue University as a University Faculty Scholar for 2011-2016, an award that recognizes mid-career faculty who have distinguished themselves through exceptional achievements and are on an accelerated path to distinction.

Awards & Honors

(2012) Fred M. van Eck Endowed Chair of Forest Biology. Purdue University.

(2011) Faculty Scholar. Purdue University.

(2010) Editor-in-Chief. New Forests.

(2009) Associate Editor. Annals of Forest Science.

(2008) Visiting Professor Fellowship. Technological University of Madrid, Spain.

Selected Publications

Jacobs, D. F., Dalgleish, H. J., & Nelson, C. D. (2013). A conceptual framework for restoration of threatened plants: the effective model of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) reintroduction.. New Phytologist, 197, 378-393.

Burney, O. T., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Terpene production and growth of three Pacific Northwest conifers in response to simulated browse and nutrient availability.. Trees: Structure and Function, 26, 1331-1342.

Burney, O. T., Davis, A. S., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Phenology of foliar and volatile terpenoid production for Thuja plicata families under differential nutrient availability.. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 77, 44-52.

Jacobs, D. F., & Gauthier, M. M. (2011). Walnut (Juglans spp.) ecophysiology in response to environmental stresses and potential acclimation to climate change.. Annals of Forest Science, 68, 1277-1290.

Oliet, J. A., & Jacobs, D. F. (2012). Restoring forests: advances in techniques and theory.. New Forests, 408, 535-541.

Puértolas, J., Jacobs, D. F., Benito, L. F., & Peñuelas, J. L. (2012). Cost-benefit analysis of different container capacities and fertilization regimes in Pinus stock-type production for forest restoration in dry Mediterranean areas.. Ecological Engineering, 44, 210-215.

Xue, L., Jacobs, D. F., Zeng, S. C., Liu, B., & Yang, Z. Y. (2012). Relationship between aboveground biomass allocation and stand density index in Populus × euroamericana stands.. Forestry, 85, 611-619.

Burney, O. T., & Jacobs, D. F. (2011). Ungulate herbivory patterns among regenerating conifers in relation to foliar nutrition and terpenoid production.. Forest Ecology and Management, 262, 1834-1845.

Schmal, J. L., Jacobs, D. F., & O’Reilly, C. (2011). Nitrogen budgeting and quality of exponentially fertilized Quercus robur seedlings in Ireland.. European Journal of Forest Research, 130, 557-567.

Woolery, P. O., & Jacobs, D. F. (2011). Photosynthetic assimilation and carbohydrate allocation of Quercus rubra seedlings in response to simulated herbivory.. Annals of Forest Science, 68, 617-624.