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 About the Course


Who is eligible for the program?

Students who
  1. are in high school at the initial date of acceptance;
  2. have been recommended by a high school science teacher or an agricultural science and business teacher;
  3. are capable of working independently in an online course; and
  4. are interested in learning more about forestry and wood products manufacturing technology.
Who can take the course?
  1. High school students that meet Purdue University academic standards and meet the Indiana requirements for taking dual-credit courses.  Contact the L_PFFP coordinator at to obtain enrollment information.
How is the course conducted?
  1. The course is delivered online using the Purdue University online learning system.
  2. The course content consists of presentations, student-centered activities, videos, and online “quizzes.”
  3. Each student designs, conducts, summarizes, and presents a research project.
  4. The course has interactive office hours with a Purdue instructor.
What is in the course?
  1. Complete syllabus
  2. Content modules that cover:
    1. Climate, forest cover types, and geomorphology
    2. Forest biology
    3. Forest ecology
    4. Forest benefits
    5. Forest management
    6. Forest policy
    7. The scientific method as used in forest science
  3. An opportunity to work with a natural resources professional
  4. A research project
  5. Individual presentation of the research findings at the Purdue University, Forestry and Natural Resources Research Symposium
Is there academic credit?
  1. Yes, 3 academic credits
  2. The course content is linked to the Indiana Department of Education K-12 learning standards and is offered as an Indiana high school dual credit course. See Course Announcement.