Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis


The value of trees as timber varies by species, quality, size, accessibility, and current market conditions. Values can change significantly as market conditions change. Individual trees also vary greatly in terms of their quality for the production of lumber or veneer. It is not possible to appraise timber without using a professional forester who inspects your timber and estimates its market value. These professionals can also assist you with managing and marketing your timber. Listings of Private Consulting Foresters and Industry Foresters are available at, or you can contact your IDNR District Forester for a referral to a local forester. Your IDNR forester can be located at Prices paid for delivered logs, not trees, are available below. These reports will give you an idea of the wide variation in prices by species and log quality.

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Forestry Division are compiling this report starting for the year 2014. To view the most updated report see Indiana Woodland Steward.


 Timber Price Reports

Provided by Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Forestry Division
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