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North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Headquarters: 1751 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606
Mailing Address: 1701 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1701
Phone: 919-707-0010 


Hellbender Contacts:

John D. Groves, Curator Emeritus of Amphibians and Reptiles at the North Carolina Zoo
Lori A. Williams, Certified Wildlife Biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

 Recent Events:                                

North Carolina Giant Salamander Network Meeting


When:   February 14, 2019, 9:00 am - 4 pm

Where:  Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC

Who:     state/federal agency, tribal, academic, zoo, and NGO partners (invitation only)


The North Carolina Giant Salamander Network focuses on Eastern Hellbender and Mudpuppy/Waterdog conservation and includes North Carolina state and federal agencies, tribal partners, zoos, NGOs, and researchers from neighboring states.   Our first gathering was in 2007, and we have had subsequent meetings every two to three years. 


We Recently held our 2019 meeting in Black Mountain, North Carolina, ahead of the SEPARC/NCPARC joint conference. We had our highest attendance ever for our Giant Salamander meeting at over 60 people!

Our morning session featured four project updates for Mudpuppy and Neuse River Waterdod including population status and genetics projects. The rest of the meeting focused on Eastern Hellbenders with species status, outreach, research, surveys, and monitoring updates from over 15 federal, state, tribal, academic, and NGO partners. Several presentations had a central theme: artificial nesting habitats in North Carolina---what's going right, what's going wrong, and other research questions. For the first time ever, we also offered a oster session where students from TN State University featured and discussed their work. One of the best parts of our North Carolina GIant Salamander Network meetings is the free-for-all brainstorming session we typically hae at the end of the day. In 2016, we developed a list of top 10 research priorities for the state and the region. This year, we had a lively exchange of ideas regarding nest huts and potential topics to include in the upcoming "North Carolina Hellbender Conservation Plan" the NCWRC will write in 2019.


Mascot Otter
Snotty the Snot Otter and Rocky the Hellbender (live hellbender) recently appeared, or are scheduled to appear, at the following events:

        • June 9, 2018:         New River State Parks 37th Annual Canoe Race, Laurel Springs, NC (Snotty only)
        • June 23, 2018:       Upper French Broad Riverfest, Rosman, NC
        • August 4, 2018:      New River Celebration Day and 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers                                               Act, Laurel Springs, NC
        • October 13, 2018:  Ockar bluesbrewery Hellbender Beer Release Party, Brevard, NC
        • April 28, 2019:        New Belgium Brewery "Hidden Rivers" VIewing Party, Asheville, NC
        • June 19, 2019:       9th Hellbender Symposium, Blacksburg, VA (Snotty only)
        • June 22, 2019:       Upper French Broad RIverfest, Rosman, NC 

For more information view North Carolina's Wildlife Resources Commission page to view facts about the hellbender.