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Chris Phillips 
The Eastern Hellbender is known in Illinois from only a handful of records in six counties, all in the Wabash or Ohio drainages and all but one prior to 1960. Only two of these records come from inland waters; one from the lower Cache River (Ohio River drainage) near Ullin, IL and one from Skillet Fork Creek (Little Wabash drainage) in Hamilton Co. The latter is represented by a photo from a local newspaper. The remaining records are from the Wabash and Ohio rivers. The most recent specimen, from the Wabash River near Maunie, IL in 1989, was caught by a commercial fisherman. Most former rocky habitat in Illinois has been buried under silt. This not only makes it unsuitable for hellbenders, but makes surveying difficult. Endangered in Illinois. 

More information regarding Hellbenders in Illinois can be found at the Illinois Natural History Survey site. 

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