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About Us

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About Us

Purdue Extension offers educational resources you can use before, during and after a disaster. We have objective fact sheets and publications about the disasters that affect Indiana the most. We provide contacts and links to agencies and organizations active in disaster.

Because this site is part of the national Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN), you have access to educational courses to better prepare for disaster. Purdue Extension has five, education-based teams focusing on current disaster-related issues.

Purdue Extension Emergency Management Team provides over-all guidance on how we develop resources for you. Chair: Steve Cain,

Purdue Extension Agrosecurity Team enhances the ability of local communities and the state of Indiana to prepare for and respond in the event of an agricultural or agriculturally related disaster. Co-chairs: Curt Emanuel, and Mike Schutz,

Purdue Extension Disaster Mold Team provides educational resources to improve lives by dealing with mold after disasters such as floods and storms. Co-chairs: Mary Lou Elbert, and Denise Schroeder,

Purdue Extension Pandemic Team participates with national EDEN to find new, useful information to help individuals, businesses and communities understand and make informed decisions about pandemic issues. Chair: Steve Cain,

Purdue Extension Flood Team works with researchers and Hoosiers to provide more resoruces to reduce the impact of flooding in Indiana. Chair: Steve Cain,

For more information about this site, please contact:

Steve Cain
EDEN Homeland Security Project Director
INVOAD President
Purdue University
Department of Ag Communications
615 W. State Street, Room 211
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: (765) 494-8410
Cell: (765) 496-1117