​Purdue Extension Graphics ​

​Purdue ​Extension Identity Marks


See Purdue Extension Brand Basics for guidelines. Remember:

  • ​Never distort these marks. Resizing is acceptable. See Photo Manipulation Guidelines.
  • Never alter these marks. For example, never separate the tagline ("Local faces. Countless connections.") from Purdue Extension; and never create a homemade stacked version of the graphic. The stacked version is for use in extremely rare circumstances, which is why it is not included on this site.
  • Never use these marks on official letterhead or business cards. See Stationery, Letterhead & Business Cards.

The print versions are large files that have a higher resolution. The Web versions are smaller files that allow for faster downloads.


If you want to use a Purdue Extension graphic in your email signature, visit this page.


Full Mark

Purdue Extension Local Faces Countless Connections  

Use the full Purdue Extension identity mark for most uses. Do not separate the tagline from "Purdue Extension."


Purdue Extension Footers


Standard Footer

Standard Extension footer for print  

The standard footer fits along the bottom of a standard sheet of paper.


Narrow Footer


The narrow footer is for use when the width of the printed area is about 1/3 of a standard sheet of paper.

Standard Extension footer for print  

Wide Footer


The wide footer is for use on standard paper in landscape format.

Wide Extension footer for print  


Purdue Extension County and Program Graphics


Use the Purdue Extension county graphics as needed. These graphics are not substitutes for the full Purdue Extension mark with the "Local faces. Countless connections." tagline. Instead, they are part of the overall Purdue Extension brand.

For guidelines about using these graphics, please refer to the Purdue Extension Brand Basics document.


Program Areas


4-H Youth Development

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Community Development

Health and Human Sciences




Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Agricultural Economics


Animal Sciences 

Botany & Plant Pathology

Consumer Science


Food Science

Forestry & Natural Resources

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Human Development and Family Studies

Nutrition Science

School of Nursing

Veterinary Medicine

Youth Development and Agricultural Education